Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Most Overlooked Wii Games - Part One

It is my wish that you're enjoying this and past entries in my Most Overlooked series. If not, you will get your money back-- no mess, no fuss. We've been through the DS and PSP one time around, so let's take a look at the market leader this generation, the Wii. There's plenty of great games that are tossed to the wayside in attention for one reason or another, so here are just a sample of some Wii games you may want to track down. All of which are worth your effort, and most of these games touched upon have reviews by yours truly if you want to look into them even more.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

I had listened to the Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP) remixed collection of past Final Fantasy tunes, and I was amazed how much better Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon's soundtrack was in comparison. The game is a traditional rogue-like, but it's nowhere near as unforgiving as the more infamous games of the genre. Many memorable songs, characters, summons, and creatures from the Final Fantasy universe are present, and the game's difficulty is one that you can ease into rather, well, easily. The game is full of charm, a word I like to use for games of this nature, and the quest is long and full of optional goodies to partake in. For those tired of heroes and heroines with teen angst and attitude problems, let Chocobo into your home instead!

Wario Land: Shake It!

I had never played a Wario Land game since Super Mario Land 3 if that even counts. I'm unsure of the chronology of the series. Regardless, Wario Land: Shake It (or Wario Land: The Shake Dimension pending on where you are in the world) was accessible to any type of gamer. Those just looking to breeze through the game could do so. However, those wanting to complete the in-game challenges and gather all the treasures would appreciate the ingenious level design all the more than not doing so. Additionally, the game's soundtrack is one of last year's best showing that great melodies and catchy songs so a long way.

Battalion Wars II

I thought having the acronym as BWii was ingenious. It's so simple, but it works so well. It's unfortunate that Battalion Wars II was overlooked. The game was released during the same holiday season as Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, so perhaps that was one of the contributing factors into it be less talked about. All of the tactical, real-time action of the first BW was present, and BWii brought with it online play for two friends to blow their enemies away with. It's a shame Wii Speak wasn't around then, because the game would have really benefited from it.

We Love Golf

I'm sure most people would have prefered Camelot making a Mario Golf game instead of creating a new property altogether. That doesn't We Love Golf any worse, however. With eight traditional courses, three short courses, multiple mini-games, a cast of characters who could wear a host of Capcom costumes, online play, and a fitting soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba (Tales of, Star Ocean, etc.), We Love Golf has a lot of content to it. The swing system may not work like Tiger Woods, but it's easy enough to pick up and play and enjoy. You can now get the game for twenty dollars at most retailers, so there's really no risk in purchasing this great golf game. Perhaps you can play it while you wait for Tiger Woods 10!

Blast Works: Build, Trade, & Destroy

Blast Works is a "your mileage may vary" type title. For someone who likes creating and are interested in game design-- even a passing interest like myself-- there's a lot to enjoy in this game. The single-player campaign is a bonus. Others who have no desire to make their own creations and levels will probably not have much to appreciate as the campaign is relatively lackluster even with the innovative gimmick "attached" to the game. For the former, there's plenty of content from other players sent from WiiConnect24-- levels, ships, enemies, background objects, and more for aspiring designers to adore.

MySims Series

While I can't condone EA's fixation with immediately squeezing the franchise dry with spin-offs in the form of MySims Party and MySims Racing, the mainline MySims games are honestly enjoyable romps. The first game was more construction-happy with little in the way of variety when it came to objectives. MySims Kingdom remedied this by having the player utilize in each building challenge a specific number of essences-- the building blocks of the MySims franchise. Not only is the game entertaining, the dialogue is mighty humorous as well!

Stay tuned for a look at the HD consoles in the coming weeks right here on SuperPhillip Central!


Thiago Simões said...

Most of these games are either sequels or are available in other platforms (Blast Works is even free online). It's a good list, but the fact that these games are overlooked by Wii owners should not be a surprise to anyone. Suggestions for a future list: Disaster, Madworld, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Zak and Wiki, Boomblox, Elebits. And, for good measure, Okami (even though it is also available for the Playstation 2).

Unknown said...

It's a difficult list to do for the Wii. While Boom Blox is overlooked by the message board gamer, for the extended audience it's not. While MadWorld is overlooked in retail, it isn't so much online. It's a lot of picking and choosing, but I agree with most of your list. Thanks!

Alucinando-Espeso said...

Maybe you should put Zack and Wiki in the second list as well.

JK Riki said...

Great list, though I'd second including Elebits on a future one. Too many people missed that gem of a game. Also, de Blob. AMAZING title, ignored by many. Platformer fans especially shouldn't miss it.

MC BK said...

Blast Works isn't free online, that's TUMIKI Fighters. XD

To be fair, they use the same mechanics, Blast Works is just better, includes TUMIKI/3 other freeware shooters, and has the editor. It's worth $20.

SpinachPuffs said...

Great list - I have SO nearly picked up Batallion Wars 2 a dozen times (it pops up in Game for around £10 all the time) but I always hold back. I think I'll have to grab next time I see it cheap.

And I still haven't found Blast Works yet :(

Jeffrey said...

I don't think anyone who can get their hands on a legit fighting game is going to be taken in by Batallion Wars: I know I wasn't back when it made it's gamecube debut.

There are so many better war games out there, even if Batallion Wars might be slightly cheaper.

Zac Pritcher said...

Great list, definitely agree with BWii and Blast Works, two totally great games.

-Zac Pritcher