Monday, October 27, 2008

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Don't Pee Your Pants Edition

Halloween is this Friday. I didn't plan this, but this week we have two tracks from one gothic and one creepy game. If that doesn't put you into the haunting spirit, then perhaps an appearance by Wario will! To round out the week we have Perfect Dark and No More Heroes being represented.

This song is one of the many boss themes of the Rondo of Blood remake, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, for the Sony PSP. I'm a sucker for choir/chanting music, so I had to include it for sure.

"Bitores Mendez"... the village chief of the unsettling European village in Resident Evil 4. This scary, atmospheric tune plays during your one and only encounter with the chief and his repulsive monster form.

This track comes from Perfect Dark-- my favorite FPS period. Best options, best maps, best weapons, best missions-- all in my opinion, of course. This is from the third full-blown mission in Chicago.

With the recent enough release of the very fun and entertaining 2D platforming romp, Wario Land: Shake It! for the Wii, I've decided to devote this edition to Wario. No, not from the Wii game, but from an underrated (at least to me) Gamecube title, Wario World. This jazzy theme is home to Greenhorn Forest, the very first level in the game.

This song plays during the opening cutscene of No More Heroes from the twisted but creative mind of Suda 51. You'll hear this melody during every mission in some form or another, but I think this is the best version. Now step into the garden of madness and listen.

Direct Linkage:

Direct Link - Tues Deus Meus

Direct Link - Bitores Mendez
Direct Link - Chicago: Stealth - Chicago X
Direct Link - Greenhorn Forest
Direct Link - Beam Katana Chronicles

Does the idea of waiting until next week for more volumes of my favorite VGMs scare the living daylights out of you? Have no fear, faithful follower!
Feel free to check out my Youtube channel as it's there that you can find all of my past and future volumes. Of course, I have heard that future entries are.... haunted.

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