Saturday, November 1, 2008

Central City Census - November

As I stated in New Reviews, it's a brand spanking new month. Time to check out the results of October's Central City Census. I'm floored by the amount of votes received this time. The majority of it came from users at GoNintendo, and I thank them as well as the man who made it possible, Kevin Cassidy (RMC), the blog's headmaster. Without your support this would not have been possible.

As you can see, an overwhelming majority chose the Wii as the system they own the most games for. I cannot wait to see questions like "Wii has games to buy?" or ignorant drivel like that. You can tell the results are lopsided when the winning choice beats all three of the other choices put together. As for myself, I voted DS which I own more games than I should legally be allowed to possess.

That was October's census, so let's hop straight into November's!

A lot more folks are viewing my blog than imagined, but not everyone has the same viewing pattern. Some people are regular readers who come daily or every other day whereas others may browse once a month or never return. November's Central City Census deals with this issue. Which camp are you in? How regularly do you follow SuperPhillip Central?

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Kyle said...

I usually check your site everyday. Whenever I get on the computer, I open up GoNintendo, my email, and my blogger page in separate tabs. From there I find out all the updates from the blogs I follow, such as yours and PsychoDuck's.