Monday, December 1, 2008

Central City Census - December

Welcome to a brand new month, and we all know what that means: time to check for the results of last month's census! In November, the census wanted to know how often people viewed SuperPhillip Central. Such an inquisitive helper, the Census is!

Lots of first-timers clocked in and gave their vote. I wonder how many of these will become future regulars! Don't worry though. I won't hold you to anything! We had a three-way tie for second place with "daily", "every now and then", and "not too terribly much" each with nine votes apiece.

That was November's question, so let's see what the December census wants to know.

The holiday season is almost upon us. Perhaps this is the only time of year where you can ask for a new gaming console and not be laughed out of the room! December's Central City Census is all about game consoles as gifts. Do you think you'll be getting a game console for the holidays?

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Val said...

Hey there! Where's all the new reviews?? I felt like reading something today..

Thanks for responding to my email with such haste by the way.