Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New LittleBigPlanet (PS3) Weekly DLC Returning January 26th

Some incredibly awesome new goodies are going to be hitting the Playstation Store beginning January 26th as reported by LittleBigPlanetoid. Speaking of which, I definitely have to resume work on the next level in SuperPhillip: The Game. Fun stuff. Fun to make, and less frustration (I'm looking in your general direction, RPG Maker 2003).

January 26th

Chinese New Year Costumes - available for 10 days only.

January 29th

* God of War mini pack
* Kratos costume
* Groundhog Day costume - available for 1 week only

February 5th

Valentines Day mini pack - available for 2 weeks only

February 12th

* Ape Escape Costume
* Toro Costume

February TBA

WipEout Costume Kit

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Kyle said...

I really need to pick up a PS3 and LBP. The game sounds awesome and these downloads are really cool.