Friday, February 20, 2009

Animal Crossing Journal - My Neighbors Are Getting Weird

I'm approaching the end of my second week here in Central, and already I've made a lot of new friends. Of course, like in any reality, not all is well. Some of my neighbors are just... I don't know how to say it... off-kilter of sorts? One day they're fit as a fiddle whereas another they're completely insane!

Yeah... it's still snowin', champ.

That's just the tamest example I have to share! Blaire's a nice squirrel, but my bro and I are bored having four squirrels hanging out in our town. Filbert is my BFF, so he will definitely be staying. Then you have the always peppy, perky and pink Peanut, the always kind Blaire, and finally Mint. Mint seldom comes off as anything but snooty to the two of us. Something must be done we said!

This is no pitfall. We got an axe, and well...
Mint got ahead of herself!

The day after Mint was holed up inside her house. Apparently she needed medicine. She was obviously needing morphine from having her head severed and later reattached to her body. My brother and I overlooked the tiny detail of getting rid of the body.

Then there's Iggly who is quite athletic... well, as athletic as a penguin can be. He's disturbing me personally, however...

What does that even mean?

Next up is Angus who a lot of people won't stand up to! Now don't get me wrong. Angus is a very cool bull (can't be a cow, can he? I thought cows were female only), but when you keep insulting my friends like this:

I'm going to have to teach you a lesson in humility!

What's wrong, Angus?
Don't want to be a snowbull?

Regardless of our antics, the people of Central are quite friendly and enjoyable to be around. I didn't mention Stitches, Maple, or Pierce, but they're great folks, too. Perhaps they're too normal to be hanging around our town? Nahhhhhhhhhh....

I would love to have some visitors to meet my cast of glorious new friends! If you would like to come join us, feel free to leave your friend code, name, and town inside the comments!

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SpinachPuffs said...

I think you and Mint just got off on the wrong foot - she's very pleasant with me :D

Angus is also fantastic, though he is supposed to be Scottish (a Highland Bull, to be precise) so perhaps he just feels more at home in my town ;)