Friday, February 27, 2009

Animal Crossing Journal - Philly is now THIS many years old.

Today was Philly's birthday, so the citizens of Central opted to call off work and celebrate. Bright skies, a cool breeze, and a bunch of talking animals led to a blissful day. Let's recap!

...And you are? Just kidding! It's FBFF Maple!

My house was upgraded as my birthday present from Tom Nook! It is a gift, right? I-I don't have to pay anything, right?

Philly checks his mailbox.
Yep! It's still there!

What wonderful friends!
I hope I am around for their individual birthdays!

Next, I traveled around town doing my daily tasks: watering withering flowers, pulling weeds, digging up any buried goodies, checking out Tom Nook's wares, checking the lost and found and recycle bin, and chatting it up with my neighbors!

Pierce greeted me and my muscles a "happy birthday".

So that's why Iggly slammed the card into my mailbox...

The endearing elephant, Margie welcomed
me into her home for my special day.

273 years old.

Afterward, Blaire pulled out a knife on Philly!

It wouldn't be a day without Angus calling someone "slapnuts".

And finally, BFF Filbert said hello!

Speaking of Filbert and as luck would have it, he asked if he could come over to my house and chill for awhile-- just like the good old days!

So messy is Philly's place! Filbert saw my ugly gyroid,
and now I'm blushing over it! Eeek!

Look. I know we're close buds, but don't get any weird ideas.

I don't know if BFF Filbert ever left my house (or slipped me something), but it was a wonderful birthday in Central. Until next time, farewell from Central!


Kyle said...

Happy birthday man. Hope it was a good one.

SpinachPuffs said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks like you had quite a day on Animal Crossing - hope your real one was just as good!