Saturday, February 7, 2009

Animal Crossing Update: Reunited and It Feels So Good

My first copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk froze when I was saving, so I exchanged that one for a new working copy of the game. I decided to start fresh (I had only played two days previously) and create a new town. It must have been destiny, fate, whatever, because lo and behold as I entered my new town, who do I see?

Why it's my BFF from Animal Crossing: Wild World-- Filbert the Blue Squirrel! This deserves a rare smiley or two on SPC! ^ . ^ and :3

Aww... Cheeky as ever!!

Some call my love for Filbert a psychotic disorder, but they are obviously jealous that I love a cuddly, talkative squirrel more than them! It's the only explanation, but who cares! BFF Philly and Filbert are back together again!

Additionally, if you would like to become a friend of SuperPhillip's Animal Crossing alias, Philly, feel free to hit me (SuperPhillip) up with a message in the comment section, or e-mail me at Perhaps YOU could beat out Filbert as Philly's BFF (but probably not).

Philly lives in Central...

...And doesn't like Blaire today.


Val said...

Ah so THATS what that whole thing with Filbert back on WFWD. Yeah it all makes sense now. :P

I actually like Bob. The cat. He's so.. mellow.

I'll send you my FC via E-Mail. I already added you. :D

SpinachPuffs said...

How can you not like Blaire?! She's awesome!

I got Mint and Angus in my town from the get-go and they're probably my two fave ACWW characters. You've got to love Angus' "macmoo-ing" :D