Sunday, February 1, 2009

Central City Census - February

It's a shorter month so that means less days to vote! Before we get to new business, let's take a look at the old with January's CCC.

A clear majority regularly listen to video game music outside of their many gaming sessions. I wonder what type of games the enjoy listening music from. Are you catching and enjoying SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs posted every Monday then? 21% seldom listen which is perfectly fine and dandy, too!

Let's see what February's census asks. I bet it's another incriminating question, that no good busybody!

I write a lot of content for the site. No, that is not to brag-- it's to set up this month's census question! Honest! I write reviews, editorials, lists, themed SPC segments, news, and the occasional preview. The February Central City Census asks which type of article do you enjoy the most?

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