Monday, March 9, 2009

Excitebots: Trick Racing (Wii) - Debut Trailer

I don't know if you noticed on SuperPhillip Central, but I always seem to get kicks of a certain platform. When LittleBigPlanet came out, I was all about Playstation 3. Before that it was all handhelds. Now apparently it's time for a lot of Wii-centric stories. Here is the first video of the game in motion courtesy of IGN.

It honestly looks like a blast. I didn't see any "waggling", but I did see gesture stuff like rolling the Wii Wheel (or Wii remote by itself) to spin on that red bar. What other game can you get a Super Leg Smash and get rewarded for it? What do you fine folks think? Does the game look appealing to you?


SpinachPuffs said...

It's looking ace, but I won't be putting my money down until I hear some hands-on impressions or reviews: I have a niggling worry that those crazy asides won't mesh too well as you race along. I'm very much hoping I'm proved wrong though!

Christopher Jon said...

It makes me miss Excite Truck. I'll probably pick it up if it's as good as that game was.