Thursday, May 14, 2009

How shitty is this industry? Very shitty.

The following is a rant, so it's not appropriate for all ages. With this warning posted, feel free to read the rant anyway regardless of your age.

Let's face it. This industry sucks horrible lumps of donkey shit. Let's not be fancy with our words regarding this repugnant shithole-- but enough about your average video game forum-goer! Let's look at the culprits, shall we?

The media

I don't give a shit about Manchild Fan-service Part 503. You can shove it up your adolescent-minded assholes, okay? I'm tired of hyping up generic Western game that is about more pixels and less personality. I don't want to play shitty Wii game where I shake the around like *insert some tasteless joke about down's syndrome that most of the gaming population would not flinch about laughing at*. I don't want to fuck Japanese anime girls with horrible voice acting in Japanese RPGs either, and I certainly don't want to play a video game for five minutes and get stuck watching some cringe-worthy piece of shit cut-scene for thirty minutes either, Hideo Kojima.

I don't want to read "is this game overrated" or "we have news about secret game XXX" so your worthless page hits go up while your even more worthless credibility goes down. You're children trapped in matured bodies rubbing cocks with publishers for your next "exclusive" reviews. Give me a break.


Or the NeoGAF, GAF, or whatever these drama queens love to be called. It's the preemminent video game discussion place, thing, whatever. We are fucked. I don't have experience posting on the site, but I can only imagine how terrific the site is as just a looker. In order to be a great poster there you absolutely must have a horrible sense of wit. How do you come across as this? Why you post animated GIFs instead of something actually providing context or humor to the current topic at hand.

This board loves to be the center of attention, and they love being elitist to anything they feel is beneath them. A popular example is GameFAQs. The only problem is that I didn't find these topics on GameFAQs... Oopsie! I think the real difference between NeoGAF and GameFAQs is that GameFAQs doesn't pretend it's better than GameFAQs. Perhaps condescending douche bags should know better than a site founded on video game walkthroughs and not industry insider info... Fancy fucking that.

Game communities in general (us)

We're at a point where you're no longer a fanboy if you're constantly cutting yourself over the most trivial things. These are fucking video games, remember? Instead, you're a fanboy (which by the way is a fucking insult a pair of inept nine year-olds would shout out at one another) if you don't bitch and moan. These sites are where no news is good news, and bad news generates the most hits. Why else would the repulsive-looking owner of GoNintendo (seriously, his main hobby is being chased back to his castle by townspeople with pitchforks and torches) allow places for discussion to routinely turn into places of mass retardation? It's not just there either. It's EVERYWHERE. Why is this industry considered immature and for children? Have you fucking closed your eyes at the places you constantly visit-- chat rooms, forums, and enthusiast sites? It's because IT IS.

It's been fun posting on SuperPhillip Central for a year, but sometimes this industry just sucks. Delving deeper into the industry over the past year with this blog, I've experienced firsthand just how shitty and undesirable video games and most of their community are. This is just not fun trying to talk rationally only to be coaxed into being irrational by some 15 year old twat with poor hygiene and even worse social skills (look at anyone who posts on a Nintendo fan site, but by God, don't look at their owners).


Val said...

I'm sorry that you have these thoughts in your head. I guess you can't really help it though.. Video games stopped being for the fun a long time ago. It's pretty sad..

Unknown said...

Well, it's not like it's a daily thought. lol

Anonymous said...

hey brotha,

you're absolutely right on most of your points.

I'm not gonna preach to the choir so I'm just going to say: "well said" and leave it at that.

you know this is why I tout the forums as a "flame free community" because I really don't see the value in that form of "communication."

of course, the fact that we only have about 6 active forum members just goes to show that people really aren't interested unless they can complain/fight =\

but hey, I'm gonna keep at it and hopefully someday we'll have a legit gaming utopia over there =)

you keep fighting the good fight too... you do great work!