Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review Round-Up - June

Tiger and tennis headline this month of SPC reviews.

The Wii MotionPlus peripheral hit the States earlier this month, and while Grand Slam Tennis was fun and impressive, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 blew me away as you can tell by the scores. Rune Factory Frontier is my personal disappointment this month while Starfy and MySims surprised me with how good they were. Classic reviews range from Mario's second soccer outing to a triple dose of Mega Man! Classic reviews are listed in italics whereas the new reviews are in ordinary font.

All scores are out of 10.

5 = Average

The Legendary Starfy (DS) - 8.5
Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) - 5.5
MySims Racing (Wii) - 8.0
Grand Slam Tennis (Wii) - 7.75

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (Wii) - 9.25

Mario Strikers: Charged (Wii) - 8.25
Kirby: Squeak Squad (DS) - 7.0
Perfect Dark Zero (360) - 9.0

Bomberman Live (XBLA) - 8.0
Mega Man ZX Advent (DS) - 8.5

Mega Man: Powered Up (PSP) - 9.0
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (PSP) - 9.0

What reviews did you enjoy this month?

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