Monday, June 8, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - From the Macabre to the Magical

Welcome to a new week of my favorite VGMs. We're starting off heavy this week with MadWorld, but we'll quickly scamper into lighter fare like Viewtiful Joe 2 and Ghost 'n' Goblins! If there are no objections, let's get on with it!

V326. MadWorld - Come With It (Explicit)

From the ultra-violent bloodbath known as Madworld, Come With It is an infectious song. Most of Madworld's soundtrack is an eclectic mix of hip-hop, rap, and metal. I don't generally listen to rap or hip-hop, but Madworld's music is fantastic and very catchy-- perfect for the carnage on screen.

V327. Viewtiful Joe 2 - Happier Ending

The credits theme of Viewtiful Joe 2, Happier Ending, features several motives used earlier in the game from the last level to Big John, the tyrannosaur that just won't throw in the towel. I'd love to see another Viewtiful Joe but for the Wii. I think the Wii remote could be put to good use and not make it just seem like a rudimentary sequel like VJ2 was.

V328. NiGHTS: Journey Into Dreams - Wandering Wildness

I really feel bad for the various members of Sonic Team's sound team. They constantly put out excellent soundtracks only to have them made for critically-hammered and oftentimes mediocre games. Regardless, this song comes from NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams for the Wii. I only played some of the game, but I did like what I played for the most part. I could do without needing to watch the cutscenes though...

V329. Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure - Banson's Aria

This impressive track comes from the newly released Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure for Nintendo DS. It plays during the second world's ultimate boss battle with the self-absorbed Banson. It's incredibly astounding how well it sounds on the DS. The vocals are almost haunting. If you're interested in the rest of the soundtrack (as you should as it's quite good!), you can download it for free straight from EA's official Henry Hatsworth website.

V330. Super/Ultimate Ghost 'n Goblins - Main Theme

It's been a long time since I've done a two-for-one, so let's make up for it. These are the Super Nintendo and PSP versions of the Ghost 'n Goblins main theme. Catchy and haunting, what better music is there to fight in your skivvies to? The second song begins at around three minutes in.

As always, next week will bring us five new pieces of video game music to start off the work-week. We'll start things with a duo of high-speed racers. Until then, the VGMs are on vacation.

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