Monday, July 27, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Dog Days of Summer Edition

Welcome to the start of your week with SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs! What are my VGMs? Simply put, they are my favorite music tracks from various video games. Give 'em a whirl, you might be surprised! This week we look at LocoRoco, Nintendogs, and We Love Golf, for starters!

v361. LocoRoco - LocoRoco Green's Theme

Each of the multiple color varieties of LocoRoco have their own theme song dedicated to their personality. When entering a brief rhythm mini-game within a level, the LocoRoco you control perform an a capella version of their song.

v362. Nintendogs - Walking the Dog

I wanted to take my Nintendog and rub its face in its poop if he/she/he-she left a gift on the sidewalk. I didn't see a feature for that, so I was very upset. This is the jaunty theme played when you take your dog on a nice, leisurely walk. Perhaps you can pick up a present or two along the way!

v363. Super Mario All-Stars - Bonus Theme

In Super Mario Bros. or The Lost Levels, this quick and lively jingle would play when you were inside a secret bonus room. This may be the shortest VGM video yet, so pardon the short description!

v364. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - Treasure Hunter's Theme

This theme plays when you enter a trap room inside one of the many later dungeons of Final Fantasy Fables for the Wii. Those familiar will Final Fantasy IX will immediately recognize this melody from it. It's the perfect song to pump the player into slaying more monsters.

v365. We Love Golf! - Camelot Links Golf Course

Named after the development team behind this game, Golden Sun, and others, the Camelot Links Golf Course is the most challenging of the eight traditional-styled courses in We Love Golf! (Wii). Filled with medieval castles and fast-rolling greens, Camelot surely picked a course that truly represents their talent.

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