Monday, July 6, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Rockmen of Rage Edition

Welcome to a brand-new week here at SuperPhillip Central. This week we're taking a listen to the retro stylings of Mega Man II and Streets of Rage II as well as themes from We Love Golf, Wild Arms, and Killer7!

v346. Mega Man II/Rockman World 2 - Title Theme

We're going retro with this volume. This is the theme for the title screen of the Game Boy version of Mega Man II. The majority of the Game Boy installments combined two of the NES games into one title. Mega Man II for the Game Boy mixed elements and bosses from both the NES versions of Mega Man II and Mega Man III. This song is fast-paced and quite hummable, don't you agree?

v347. We Love Golf - Tournament 2

The highly versatile and renowned composer, Motoi Sakuraba brings us this fast-paced track. It plays through twice and is on the Japanese Garden course when in tournament mode. The song is part of We Love Golf!'s soundtrack, a game that sadly went under a lot of Wii owners' radars despite being made by the same team that made Mario Golf-- Camelot. Here's hoping Camelot continues making great golf and great games in general.

v348. Streets of Rage II - Boss (Never Return Alive)

"Huh? What in the...? Why is the car driving so slow? Something's slowing us down ..What's that on the street? Is that water? No.. No! No........ It's RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!" This song brings me a lot of nostalgia. I hadn't played Streets of Rage II for years, yet I still had this song in my head. It's the boss theme of Streets of Rage II.

v349. Wild Arms - Abbey

Wild Arms was the first RPG for the Playstation, and I remember wanting the game so bad just because I could name the spells. Glad I bought the game for such a silly reason because it was a blast. "Abbey" is a quaint, cozy, and jaunty track. It's a very enjoyable track that you can just lay back and bounce your head to.

v350. Killer7 - Rave On

This song comes from the Gamecube and Playstation 2 cult classic, Killer7. Rave On plays once you have enough blood to face the area's boss and the door is opened for you. The title is perfectly suited as it's great with seizure-inducing lights and go-go girls. Not as if I've tried that or anything...

That does it for another week here at SP's Favorite VGMs. See you for a start of a whole new week of updates next week!

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