Wednesday, August 19, 2009

STFU: Shutting the Fanboys Up

Someone wrote an article saying that Nintendo of America should STFU. Let's not argue that using STFU is juvenile for a so-called game journalist or argue that there is no such thing as a game journalist, but let's instead refute that point. His argument was basically that Nintendo should have quit after E3 2008 and stop making games after Wii Music or something incredibly stupid like that.

But that isn't the point of this. Instead, I don't think it's Nintendo of America who should shut up. I think it's the bitter, entitled gamer who feels like Nintendo abandoned them and feel the need to cry at every move Nintendo makes. The problem with this is that if you whine at every small bit of news when the big news comes that actually SHOULD get frowned at, no one cares because all you do is whine regardless. You're like the little boy who cried wolf except wolf is a company that's supposedly turned their back on you when they once let you suck from their teat. C'mon. It's a company. Grow up. Thank God they abandoned all games like Super Mario Galaxy and Sin and Punishment sequels and are just making fitness software solely now! Oh, wait.

It just gets pathetic how this group of whining gamer has such a sense of entitlement. "I deserve Disaster, Fatal Frame, and Trace Memory and every other poorly-received game that hasn't reached North America. Damn you, Nintendo of America! Damn you, Reggie, you ape! I put a pox on you with my overweight arms and Harry Potter wand! That'll show you!" Meanwhile, these same people ignore the good games that actually are released in North America like Boom Blox Bash Party, Excitebots, Klonoa, Final Fantasy Fables, Battalion Wars II, and so forth. Seems to me there's some hypocrisy. Who would have guessed it? Not from gamers!

"We ignored this gem, but God, PLEASE
let these bad imports reach our shores!"

Then there's a sect of whiners that will cry foul at Nintendo no matter what. Recently, Nintendo "trumpeted" the releases of various third party games for the year. When Nintendo doesn't do this it's "Nintendo doesn't care about third parties". When Nintendo does do this it's "Nintendo doesn't put this much effort towards selling their core games!" Bitch, bitch, bitch. That's all these people ever are. Perhaps it's not NoA that should STFU, but it's these "Nintendo can do no right", "I'm tired of not being the center of attention in Nintendo's universe" whiny babies that should instead.


Tony Miller said...

You've hit the nail on the head. I've quit listening to a number of outlets because they can't say anything positive about Nintendo. The fell they are owed something, when in reality Nintendo doesn't owe them a thing.

Unknown said...

I don't think my article will be posted on GoNintendo since I'm mostly talking about their commenters. Holy crap. It's embarrassing. I wouldn't want my commenters under fire after all.