Friday, September 25, 2009

Spaceball Revolution (Wiiware) Contest

Affiliate Nintendo-Okie is having a special contest in celebration of Spaceball Revolution coming to Wiiware. The winner of the contest will receive their own digital copy of the game gifted to them. Here are the rules as posted on Nintendo-Okie:
All you have to do is comment on this post, or watch for the review on Monday and make a comment there. Everyone who has commented will be entered for a chance to be given the game. If you comment on both posts you will receive a chance for both comments.

On Friday, October 2nd I will announce the winner. You have until 12:00 CST on that day to enter the contest. The winner will be contacted and once we have exchanged Friend Codes I will gift the game to you. It's that simple. Just read the site and post a comment.
SuperPhillip Central users can enter, too, if they desire. Just head to Nintendo-Okie, post in the comments section, and bam! There it is.


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