Monday, September 21, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Zeroing In Edition

We're starting the next one-hundred with some sights and sounds from the F-Zero universe. Shift into sixth gear, check your g-diffuser system, and rock out.

v401. F-Zero - Mute City (SSBB Remix)

We're kicking off the next one-hundred with some music from the F-Zero series. Any F-Zero fan knows Mute City. It's been in almost every F-Zero game to date. This is the Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix, and it seriously kicks major butt. I love when the guitar goes all crazy at 1:08. You go, crazy guitar player. You go.

v402. F-Zero - Fire Field (Arranged)

This song is Fire Field from the jazz arranged F-Zero album. It's a slower tempo than what we're used to hearing, but it's much catchier as well.

v403. F-Zero X - Drivin' Through On Max (Guitar Arrange)

From the Guitar Arrrange F-Zero X soundtrack, it's Drivin' Through On Max which plays during the Devil Forest tracks of F-Zero X. If you get a chance, look into more of the F-Zero X Guitar Arrange soundtrack. You won't be disappointed.

v404. F-Zero GX - Hurrah for the Champion (Winning Run)

Hurrah for the Champion (Winning Run) is the theme that plays as the F-Zero pilots take to the podium. F-Zero GX though fiercely difficult at times is easily my favorite F-Zero of the bunch. It had fantastic tracks, a lot of attention to detail, and great music. Which F-Zero is your personal favorite?

v405. F-Zero GX - Dr. Stewart

Feel that pulse and race to the finish with this song, Dr. Stewart's theme. In F-Zero GX/AX, each of the forty-some-odd characters had their own theme. This one is pure electronica, soothing, sweet, and satisfying.

That does it for another week of the VGMs. Catch you next week for more.

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SpinachPuffs said...

F-Zero may have my favourite music over any other Nintendo franchise. Maybe even Zelda. Perhaps not Super Mario Galaxy... but apart from that it can't be beaten :)