Monday, October 19, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Ain't That Funny Edition

Welcome to another week of new VGMs that I have to share. We've done several themed weeks this past month, but now we're just mixing things up completely. This week we're taking a listen to Star Fox Assault, Castlevania Judgment, MadWorld, Perfect Dark, and Resident Evil 5.

v421. Star Fox Assault - Fortuna

This theme sets off the opening mission in Star Fox Assault, a game that I truly enjoyed. I just wish there were more flight missions as well as just missions in general. Regardless, the soundtrack is one of the Gamecube's best full of rearranged and orchestrated Star Fox 64 tracks including several new musical creations.

v422. Castlevania Judgment - Bloody Tears

One of the earliest Castlevania themes, Bloody Tears has appeared in a ton of past and present Castlevania games. There's nothing like whipping down zombies and skeletons as you make your way towards Dracula's Castle.

v423. MadWorld - Ain't That Funny?

Played during MadWorld's AsianTown level, Ain't That Funny is a rap song with a suitably Asian twist. MadWorld is known for its over-the-top graphic violence and juvenile humor.

v424. Perfect Dark - Crash Site - Confrontation

Perfect Dark is gunning its way towards an Xbox Live Arcade release this fall. It's easily one of my most anticipated games this year and for good reason. The original Perfect Dark is my favorite FPS bar-none. Forget Halo. Forget Half-Life. Perfect Dark is where it's at for me. This theme plays during the search for the president in the snowy dunes of Victoria Island.

v425. Resident Evil 5 - Rust into Summer 2008

What was your opinion of Resident Evil 5? Did the cooperative-based gameplay make you like the title any less? This theme is called Rust in Summer, and it's the perfect song to pump you into pumping your shotgun and blasting away hordes of the infected.

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Val said...

Ah fortuna was a good piece. Thats the only one I've actually heard during game play however :\