Monday, October 5, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Wii Sports Resort Edition

This is a special edition of my favorite VGMs taking a look at the summer blockbuster known only as Wii Sports Resort. Bask in the sun as you pedal, canoe, shoot free throws, and much more in multi-player mini-game mayhem. In this installment, all five tracks featured today are from this mega-hit, so sit back, relax, and listen to some of the tracks from Wii Sports Resort.

v411. Wii Sports Resort - Main Theme

We go from Mario Kart to Wii Sports with this edition of the favorite VGM's. This is the main theme of the newly released Wii Sports Resort. If you like this one, stay tuned for the next volume! There's more Sports Resort goodness to go around!

v412. Wii Sports Resort - Bowling (10 Pin)

Bowling returns with Wii Sports Resort, and it's better than ever before. Wii MotionPlus makes spinning the ball all the more easier, and it's one of my favorite sports in the package. This theme is mellow and marvelous, it's the theme of 10 pin bowling.

v413. Wii Sports Resort - Basketball Results

One of the shorter volumes on this list, this is the results theme of the basketball event in Wii Sports Resort. Dunk that ball with your tongue hanging out of your mouth like Jordan. You know you want to with this funkadelic theme.

v414. Wii Sports Resort - Power Cruising Theme

Playing power cruising in Wii Sports Resort makes me yearn for a new Wave Race. Then again, I've never played the Gamecube version, so who am I to whine? The start of this theme really sounds like something you'd hear on a late 80s teen show like Saved by the Bell, don't you think?

v415. Wii Sports Resort - Bowling (100 Pins)

We conclude our series of Wii Sports Resort videos with the theme for Bowling (100 Pins). This mode is one of my favorites even if obtaining strikes is difficult. 100 pins to knock down, 3,000 points for perfection, and 1 ball to roll down the alley.

We're going back to business as usual next week with music from outer space! Stay tuned until then.

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