Monday, November 30, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Deck the Halls Edition

Thanksgiving is over, so now we set our sights on Christmas. Of course, not everyone celebrates the holiday, so please feel free to replace Christmas with your chosen holiday. Today's edition of the VGMs includes music from A Boy and His Blob, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games! The halls are ready to be decked, and so are we! ...What?

v441. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Opening Theme

Mario and Sonic are at it once again-- this time at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. This is the opening theme from the game's impressive opening cut-scene. You can finally skim around and find the full clip at your own leisure. It's a triumphant, empowering theme.

v442. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - Monkey Fest

Earlier in the year, DK Jungle Beat got a second coming with a New Play Control release on Wii with new controls and new level arrangements. The new controls made for a different yet still enjoyable experience. This song comes from the level of the same name-- Monkey Fest.

v443. de Blob - Un Pasado Lieno de Colores (Revolutionary)

I knew I shouldn't have dropped out of Spanish! This song has a wonderfully latin flavor to it. It's from the sleeper hit, de Blob, for Nintendo Wii! Paint the town red... or blue... or green... or-- you get the idea!

v444. A Boy and His Blob - Forest Theme

We go from one blob to another with A Boy and His Blob, a charming puzzle/platformer hybrid. Apparently the game sold like bullocks in North America. Not surprising since not advertising the game at all will do that to a game. Regardless, here's one of the first level's themes.

v445. The Conduit - Title Theme

We're in the big time now! Look at that ultra super high-tech transition! Seriously though, The Conduit wasn't anything but a slightly above-average game. It had terrific controls coupled with a horrible story and pretty much mediocre everything else. This theme plays as you tinker with the options.

Next week the countdown the Christmas (or your honored holiday) continues with NiGHTs, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Henry Hatsworth!

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