Monday, January 11, 2010

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - RPG-O-Rama Edition

This week on the VGMs we have an entire list of songs from RPGs. Whether it's Final Fantasy or Star Ocean, there's sure to be something to enjoy listening to. So let's have it! Start listening!

v466. Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution - Theme of RENA

Whether you call it The Second Story or know it better as Second Evolution, the second Star Ocean is one of my favorite RPGs. This version of the Theme of RENA comes from the arranged Star Ocean 2 soundtrack. It's a haunting and powerful theme, don't you think?

v467. Tales of Symphonia - The Land of Sylvarant

Tales of Symphonia was a glorious gift to the RPG-thirsty Gamecube and its owners. It had everything: a fun cast, great gameplay, and of course, a wonderful soundtrack. Tales of Symphonia took place on two worlds. This theme plays on the overworld map of the first world, Sylvarant.

v468. Eternal Sonata - Pyroxene of the Heart

Here is the opening theme of the often overlooked HD RPG, Eternal Sonata. Once again, we have music composed by the great Motoi Sakuraba. This is the second theme we've come across from this game on our journey through my favorite video game tracks. Are you enjoying the ride?

v469. Final Fantasy X - Blitz Off!

Blitz Off! This is the theme that plays during a round of Zanarkand's favorite pastime, blitzball. Think of the sport as soccer, except you can use your hands... and you're underwater in a sphere. Regardless, this rockin' song is sure to put anyone in the mood for the fictional sport.

v470. Golden Sun - Venus Lighthouse

Venus Lighthouse is the final dungeon of Golden Sun. It's a towering level full of puzzles and peril. Once again, Motoi Sakuraba comes to the rescue with this soundtrack. He hits it out of the park. Golden Sun was a great portable RPG, and I really look forward to the third installment.

Next week we go from RPGs to platformers when SuperPhillip's VGMs return. Catch you next Monday!

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