Friday, February 19, 2010

Animal Crossing Journal - Online Homecoming

It's been quite a while since I last wrote an entry in the old Animal Crossing journal. Let me rectify that with a new entry here this evening. By the game's count it had been nine months since I last visited Central, and I was surprised by how little it changed. Sure, there were about forty weeds to pull and many flowers had died, but the townspeople I abandoned had not abandoned me at all. They were still there, wondering where their human friend had run off to.

So I made it my goal to clean up the town, pull some weeds, plant some new flowers, and revisit my old friends. Filbert was as weird in his cool way as ever:

Then I opened my gates and allowed some new friends into my town. They're all from CheapAssGamer, and they were all quite nice and friendly. We chatted, we played around, I tested out my Wii Speak toy which worked well, and it was just a lot of fun exploring my old town. I got a lot of compliments regarding my road infrastructure that I had custom built and worked very hard on. It was very gratifying hearing... er... reading feedback. Perhaps pictures best tell a story, so I'll just hush up now and let the pics (and their corresponding captions) tell the story.

Steve and Maple waste no time getting to know one another.

What else do gamers do than talk about gaming?

The gang's all here.

Apparently Central is epic.

Everyone's favorite party, leave the newbie trapped
in the middle
of several holes (he didn't know how to get out).

You had to be there to understand the gag.

So there you have it. Good times, great fun, and some nice company made for an enjoyable homecoming to Animal Crossing: City Folk. Who knows when I'll return to my lovely burg by the bay? From Central, this has been SuperPhillip with your Animal Crossing Journal.

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coffeewithgames said...

Why...why must you show this! I haven't played this game in months. My wife will still randomly play it, but I haven't touched it in a long time.

*Runs from the temptation!