Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Most Overlooked Wii Games - Part Four

Welcome to the middle of your week here at SuperPhillip Central. This Wednesday we're once again taking a look at the most overlooked, unappreciated, whatever games that the Wii has to offer. The lead console should have the most overlooked titles, should it not? Just like the PlayStation One and Two. Let's kick things off in style, shall we?

Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop

Kill, maim, slice, dice, hack, slash, rip, tear, and do whatever else you can think of in Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop, the port of the 360 original. The game got a lot of trouble for the zombie count, but when you play the game, there's just enough low polygon monstrosities to annihilate! The game structure also changed to a less frantic, more linear experience. It wasn't a horrible game-- it was mad fun with the Resident Evil 4 control scheme. It was just different than what most 360 Dead Rising purists were expecting.

Little King's Story

All rise! The king grants us his presence. You play as a lonely little boy who suddenly gets to control a mighty kingdom. You take your faithful and loyal subjects across the land, conquering new kingdoms for your control. With beautiful visuals, humorous dialogue, addicting gameplay (cliche, I know), and hours upon hours of content to dive into, Little King's Story is a fantastic game deserving of your time. Long live the king!

The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

Fly high and aim true in The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces. This title was recently reviewed, and it got a glowing review. Take flight in more than fifteen missions each with different parameters for victory such as destroying all targets, protecting a secret weapon, or saving your teammates from enemy fire. The game looks very impressive, the ships and backgrounds are highly detailed, and the soundtrack is one of 2010's best thus far. For frantic flying and intense dogfighting that even Michael Vick would love, check out The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces.

Overlord: Dark Legend

The once HD-exclusive series hits the Wii with its own brand-new installment. You are the demon king, and it's your job to reclaim your kingdom from those miserable peons that have occupied it. You control your character, telling your evil minions to do all the work for you. There's four types in all each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The solo campaign will take most players ten hours or so, and it's so good that you'll want to go through it again and again. It might not be as good as the HD versions, but it holds its own to many games in the Wii's extensive library.

Samba de Amigo

Samba! De! Amigo! Gearbox brings us a re-imagining of the Dreamcast Samba de Amigo. Instead of using maracas, you utilize the Wii remote and nunchuk or two Wii remotes. The song list is very impressive with such titles as Take On Me, The Theme from Rocky, and the Wedding March among others. This was the first title to enable Nintendo's Pay-to-Play downloadable content, and it's a blast to play with or without friends. Just be sure to stick with the easier difficulties (easy and normal) as otherwise the game's a broken mess! To shake your groove thang with relative ease, Samba de Amigo is the party game for you.

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Jon Ericson said...

Samba de Amigo is *not* broken on Hard and Super Hard. These modes are very difficult and require a change to the way you play in order to advance. I've finished Career mode and the best hint I can offer is to focus on the tilt of the control, not the height. It works to stab the controllers upward to hit the high beats, flick them horizontally to get the middle beats and swing down to hit the low beats.

See also:

Unknown said...

Hey, Jon. Hope you like the blog!

So it's not broken... you just have to play the game in a way it's not meant to be played. I gotcha. Oh, boy, do I gotcha!