Monday, May 24, 2010

SuperPhillip's May Pick-Ups

May was an eventful month for your good friend, SuperPhillip. It started off with picking up Picross 3D for the DS which I gave an 8.5 to in my review. I then branched off and purchased 3D Dot Game Heroes off of Amazon since no store in the area had any copies remaining. A kind soul on CheapAssGamer bought a copy of Super Street Fighter IV for me for only $35 shipped. That was abundantly kind of him. A user on GameTZ traded me Pac-man World 2/Pac-man VS. for my copy of Trauma Center: Under the Knife. Finally, the coup de grace this month is my purchase of Super Mario Galaxy 2 with player's guide. You can expect reviews of all of these games sometime within the next month or so.


The Dread Pirate Guy said...

Way to represent the Pac-Man!

I look forward to your thoughts on 3D Dot Game Heroes. That game does look to be a lot of fun.

coffeewithgames said...

Good collection this month.
My month is empty of purchases though.

The Dread Pirate Guy said...

The only thing I bought this month were Super Mario Galaxy 2, Puzzle Quest for the PSP, Cave Story and Runner for WiiWare, and my usual Game Room additions (I needed Pitfall!).