Monday, October 25, 2010

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Let's See If I Remember How To Do This Edition

What is this all of a sudden? We're on a schedule once again. Oh, I assure you that this won't last very long. While it does though let's enjoy it for all it's worth, shall we? This delayed edition of the VGMs includes music from the Rabbids, Mega Man, and Boom Blox to name a few. No more talk! Have at you!

v586. Rabbids Go Home - Bubamara

Rabbids Go Home is an entertaining game where you control a pair of rabbids, crazed bunnies, as they pick up parts and garbage alike in their shopping cart. Why? They're freaking crazy! That and they're trying to build a tower out of trash to reach their home, the moon! Why? Like I said, they're freaking crazy! But in a good way, mind you.

v587. Super Monkey Ball 2 - Amusement Park

The amusement park is but one of ten unique areas in Super Monkey Ball 2. The theme is bright, cheery, and saccharine sweet. Super Monkey Ball 2 was a very entertaining game if not very difficult. Some levels it was better to just run full-steam ahead into obstacles than wait patiently. Regardless, I remember persevering and making it to and completing the Master stages!

v588. Wild Arms - Abbey (Arranged)

We've already heard the original version of Abbey on the favorite VGMs list already. This time around we're checking out the Wild Arms the Best ~ Feeling Wind version which is a quieter acoustic version. The instruments included are the piano playing the main melody and the clarinet as the accompaniment. A peppy little ditty, don't you agree?

v589. Boom Blox - Boom Blox Main Themes

These are such quaint little themes. So cute. So precious. Boom Blox was a game partnership between Electronic Arts and Hollywood film director Steven Spielberg. The outcome was nothing of the action-packed cinematic sort that many were expecting, and that was perfectly a-okay with me. Boom Blox has players tossing balls at towers to knock them down, score points, and have fun. Call the series the Wii's one true "blockbuster". I slay me.

v590. Mega Man Battle Network 2 - Battle Spirit

It has been over 500 videos, and we've yet to explore the Mega Man Battle Network franchise. We've talked about Network Transmission, a spin-off, but not the actual series it was spun from. Mega Man Battle Network 2 was my favorite installment of the series. It had just the right amount of pacing, fun characters, chips, and secrets. If memory serves me right, it's also the only Battle Network game I completed 100%. Enjoy the boss theme from Battle Network 2. Just don't get deleted!

There goes another Monday for the VGMs. Hope you listened and enjoyed what was offered this week. Next week is the day after Halloween, so I'll have some great music in store for you for sure! Stay tuned, fellow audiophiles!

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