Friday, November 12, 2010

Special SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Sonic Colors Edition

Sonic Colors, the newest 3D and maybe the most improved 3D Sonic is hitting the Wii and DS this Tuesday for us North Americans. To celebrate, we're skipping thirty VGMs until Monday to display this special five VGM special of Sonic Colors music. It's a glorious soundtrack indeed. Well, enough banter from me, let's get on with it!

v631. Sonic Colors - Reach for the Stars

Reach for the stars, pardner. This track is the main theme of Sonic Colors, a game that destroyed the Sonic Cycle! Maybe not destroyed, but perhaps altered the Sonic Cycle. Doesn't matter it's an annoying meme anyway that some bitter dudes created after buying each and every Sonic game ever released. Sucks for them. As for the song, it sports a catchy melody with tolerable, cheery lyrics. Reach for the stars!

v632. Sonic Colors - Tropical Resort Act 1

There are six acts in each zone, but only three different songs for all three acts. I assume that each version of Act 1's theme is played twice per zone. Sonic Colors is set to finally undo some of the wrong that Sonic Team has done to the franchise. One game isn't going to undo all the heartache and headaches caused by past Sonic titles-- especially Sonic 2006. I'm shivering right now if you can't tell.

v633. Sonic Colors - Planet Wisp Act 1

Planet Wisp Act 1's theme features a catchy piano melody and accompaniment with a funkadelic bass guitar along for the ride. I've seen photos of Planet Wisp and even a gameplay trailer, and I must say this might be one of my favorite zones in the entire game. We'll see when I play the game when it comes out later next week.

v634. Sonic Colors - Asteroid Coaster Act 1

Another Act 1 theme (I'm noticing a trend here), Asteroid Coaster is pure hard rock with a rockin' theme. I've not seen photos or gameplay of this zone, so it'll be an entirely maiden voyage to this zone for me. As you can probably tell, the soundtrack of Sonic Colors is quite good, and that's why I chose to run five videos in a row for it. Enjoy!

v635. Sonic Colors - Final Boss Phase 2 ~ Reach for the Stars (Orchestra Ver.)

Final Boss Phase 2 ~ Reach for the Stars (Orchestra Ver.) is a mouthful for sure, but it's also an epic version of the main theme. I've no idea who the final boss is, and I'm sure on keeping it that way. It's probably Eggman or some alien being thing. Something crazy like that. Regardless, this ends our tour of Eggman's Amusement Park. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

There you have it. On Monday we'll return to VGM 601 and continue from there. If you're interested in past and future VGMs, check out my Youtube channel for more! Until next time, the VGMs are out!

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