Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Most Overlooked PSP Games - Part Four

Okay. Let's be fair here. PSP software sales in America are piss-poor. I could choose a number of PSP titles, and they could qualify as most overlooked. Regardless, we're pressing on with five more PSP games that many of you just didn't buy!

Phantasy Star Portable 2

I love the Phantasy Star Online series of games. Old-school gamers yearn for a classic turn-based Phantasy Star affair, but I'm complacent with these online, multi-player experiences. If duking it out online against hoards of monsters isn't your thing, you can always try out the single-player campaign. No dorky Ethan Weber here! All-in-all, for a great online infrastructure and plenty of weapons to grind for, Phantasy Star Portable 2 does its job and does it well.

Valkyrie Chronicles II

Valkyrie Chronicles, the original for the PlayStation 3, was already an overlooked game. It makes sense that on a platform with rapid amounts of piracy that Valkyrie Chronicles II would share an even worse fate. Take command on the battlefield with one of many units in this tactical RPG. Sure, it might not be as good as Final Fantasy Tactics, but what is? The cool cel-shaded art style meshes well even on the technologically-inferior PSP.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

The original Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 was released on the PlayStation 2 many moons ago. Now you can take the fantasy thriller on the go with you thanks to the portable edition. This RPG is full of mystery, intrigue, high school kids-- wait, come back! The writing is so clever that you won't mind this cast of adolescents! It's like Saved by the Bell meets Medium. Is that a fair comparison? I think so. This critically-acclaimed remake is worthy of your PSP collection.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

It's Kingdom Hearts, so you know what to expect by now-- belts, zippers, f'd up storyline that only makes sense to Nomura. Regardless, you also get a rockin' combat system, superb visuals, excellent voice acting, and multiple wonderful worlds of Disney to explore! Sure, you've explored most of these worlds before to a point of ad infinitum, but who can resist the charm of Neverland all over again? Plus there's no Sora to be found! What have you done, Nomura?!

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5

What a stupid name for a video game. I did not know there were four previous Tag Force games-- that's how overlooked this series is! We're not even talking 3D this time around. No, no! This time around we'll be overdoing it in 5D. I don't remember reading A Wrinkle in Time, so somebody help me out on what 5D is. Maybe I should talk about the game a little, no? You collect cards, make decks, use trap cards, monster cards, and spell cards to take down the opposition in the addicting card game series. Just watch it with the hairspray, okay, kids?


Did you miss out on the three previous Most Overlooked PSP articles? Have no fear, if so. I've compiled the PSP trio into one beautiful list for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

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the best RPG games are in your list..... i think you should post the latest KHBBS Final Mix :d

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