Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SuperPhillip's 2011 Gaming Resolutions

It's a brand-new year. I've only said that about forty times by now, but it's true. Nonetheless, some folks make New Year's resolutions about losing weight, not being such an annoying bitch to customers at GameStop, or to work out more. I do not need to worry about any of that (maybe the annoying bitch part... maybe), so I've decided to make a few gaming-related resolutions for the year. I doubt I'll do any of them, so there's a defeatist's attitude for you. But at least I'll be trying! Let's see what's on my list for 2011...

Reduce my backlog.

Ooh. I was going to say annihilate my backlog, but that's, like, fifty games. There's no way I could do that this year with all the new games I wish to purchase. Regardless, my goal for this year to play through this metaphorical pile of games that I have sitting in a dark, dank corner somewhere in my house. There's loads of Wii, PS3, PSP, and DS games that I've opened, browsed through the instruction manual, and never played! How stupid is that!? I find little point in buying a game only for collection's sake, and never playing them. And then there's all those games from previous generations that I've never touched as well! This metaphorical pile of games just keeps rising and rising like a mountain out of a molehill. No more, however. This year this backlog is going to shrink like a penis after looking at Kirstie Alley.

Don't buy as many games.

This is a toughie, but perhaps not. You see, money is a little tighter in the SuperPhillip household due to a crappy economy and the dollar just not being worth as much as it used to. Now I could go further into debt by purchasing every game that tickles my fancy, but that wouldn't be financially-sound. Instead, it is my goal for 2011 to buy far less games than I did in 2009 and 2010. Those games only contributed to my aforementioned backlog which is no good. What's the point of buying games if you don't ever get around to playing them? That's my reasoning in this resolution. So buy less games, check. Whether I want to or not!

Don't buy another game until a game on my backlog is completed.

This seems smart. I'm too stupid to follow it, but whatevs. Yeah, I said "whatevs", what are you going to do about it? Now, now. No need to be so hostile, Phil. Anyway, I have a habit of buying multiple games at the same time. That has to stop. I should not buy another game until one on my backlog is completed. That makes sense, doesn't it? Why should I add to the backlog when I could be keeping it at the same number? By completing a game on my backlog, I can then purchase a new game. I could play a 40 hour RPG, and when done, I'd buy a new game. This way I wouldn't be buying as many games, so this would help two of my resolutions! Genius!


I was going to put not trolling the Xbox 360 as much, but when your consoles consistently break down like the pieces of crap they are, you deserve all the trolling you get. Regardless, those are my gaming-related New Year's resolutions. SuperPhillip wonders if you have any that you're just dying to reveal to the world (well, the people who read SPC anyway). Perhaps I could be less snarky... There's enough snark on these darned blogs as it is. ...Nahhhhhhh....

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