Monday, February 21, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - A Warm Winter's Day Edition

It's been unseasonably warm recently with temperatures yesterday hitting the 70s. This is Central City we're talking about! Nonetheless, it's yet another Monday, so it's time to unload some of my favorite songs from video games. This week we feature music from Killer7, Wild Arms 2, and the Munchables.

v661. The Munchables - Blue Sky Lounge Remix

We've heard the original Blue Sky Lounge. Here it is: It was the very first song we heard from the Munchables. I really loved this game. Did 100% of everything. It was an awesome game, and it was definitely worth the budget price I paid for it. In fact, I wrote the very first review for the game! That's how much the mainstream losers didn't care about this game. Regardless, and to shorten my review, you should definitely check the game out if you like a Pac-Man meets Katamari experience, and if you own the incredible Nintendo Wii!

v662. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Main Theme (Live Version)

I like to feature versions of game music that most people would overlook. Not good ol' SuperPhillip though! This is the main theme of the excellent puzzle adventure, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future/Last Time Travel (depending on your region). It's not just the main theme though-- it's the live version performed with real life instruments. My favorite puzzles in the Layton games are logic puzzles. I absolutely abhor math ones. For instance, I greatly enjoyed the multiple banana-sliding puzzles in this game. It reminded me of that ice-sliding puzzle in Tales of Symphonia and puzzles of its ilk.

v663. Ice Climber - Main Theme (SSBB Remix)

"Hey, guys!" Well, hey, yourself, you eskimo bastards. I never played the original Ice Climbers on the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom. Like many of you, when they were announced for Super Smash Bros. Melee, I had no idea who the heck this cute pair of siblings were. It was until it was revealed, I went, "Oh..." Ice Climbers is a franchise that I would be interested in seeing a revamp for. Perhaps it would be perfect for Nintendo's newest handheld, the 3DS?

v664. Wild Arms 2 - Battle VS. Liz and Ard (Rocking Heart Version)

Liz and Ard (Lizard, har-har) were recurring bad guys in Wild Arms 2. I greatly prefer the original Wild Arms' soundtrack, but number dos isn't bad either. I just have a lot more themes I enjoy from the original. This theme, Battle VS Liz and Ard comes from Wild Arms the best ~Rocking Heart~. It's an all-rock arranged soundtrack that encompasses themes from the entirety of the Wild Arms series. Let the work of Michiru Yamane rock you to your very core!

v665. Killer7 - White Sugar

This is a sultry and sexy theme from the cult-classic, Killer7. Killer7 was a very polarizing game. Those who loved it, loved it, and those who hated it, hated it. Like I said, very polarizing. Killer7 featured a band of assassins all living under one alter ego, Harman Smith. The twist at the end, however, revealed an alternate truth. This mindf**k of a game was quite suspenseful, too. Not knowing where the sinister Heaven's Smiles would creep up was a tad scary to me. They were ugly suckers, too, and came in all kinds of varieties. Nonetheless, "White Sugar" features a piano melody and some smooth accompaniment.

That was another wild ride through the mystical land of VGMs, don't you agree? That's all for now, but let's do this again next Monday with more of my favorite VGMs.

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