Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top Five More Most Wanted 3DS Games

In November of last year, I posted a top five list concerning my most anticipated 3DS games. Now I'm returning with five more 3DS games I'm excited for. In November I was talking about how the release of the 3DS was close. Now it's REALLY close with the 3DS hitting the land of the rising sun this weekend. Regardless, this list contains both first and third party games.

5) Steel Diver

Originally planned six years ago in tech demo form for the Nintendo DS, Steel Diver has come a long way. Using the touch screen to control the submarine, 3D cameras, and augmented reality to allow you to move the 3DS around to target submarines and battleships alike, Steel Diver is a new IP from Nintendo that highly interests me.

4) Pilotwings Resort

Wuhu Island has seen a lot of action from Nintendo games lately such as Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort. Well, the island returns as the mainland for the newest Pilotwings, a series that hasn't seen the light of day since early Nintendo 64 times. With initially three modes of transportation to choose from and an entire island to explore, Pilotwings Resort is shaping up to be a recommended return to form.

3) Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

One might wonder why this game isn't part of Resident Evil: Revelations, and you'd have a decent concern. 3DS game cards can hold a lot of information. Regardless, the Mercenaries mode has been popular ever since its induction in Resident Evil 4. The goal here to score kills and multipliers as you slay enemies with pickaxes and chainsaws aiming to take your head off. Play as one of many RE mainstays in this intriguing take on the Mercenaries minigame.

2) Mega Man Legends 3

A game that I along with others never thought would be greenlighted, Mega Man Legends 3 is in fact a reality. When we last left Mega Man Volnutt, he was trapped on the frigid surface of the Moon. The producers behind Mega Man Legends 3 are giving fans the chance to help develop the game by allowing them to give their input in the development process. Admirable indeed, but will this new adventure be worthy of the blue bomber's name?

1) Resident Evil: Revelations

Sporting gorgeous graphics and impressive 3D effects, Resident Evil returns to a handheld. The last Resident Evil game to hit handhelds was as port of the original entitled Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. This game features Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they battle the undead aboard a tanker floating in the middle of the ocean. With buckets of blood to be bled and many weapons to choose from, this new zombie-blasting adventure is one of my most anticipated 3DS games.


With ten of the most wanted 3DS games of mine listed, surely you have your own set you'd love to let the world know. Don't be shy. List them in with your own commentary in the comments section.

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