Thursday, March 3, 2011

SPC Mailbag - March 3rd, 2011

We haven't had this feature for a while. It's the SPC Mailbag where we take questions from e-mail and comments and answer them in as witty a fashion as possible. It's been a long time since we last opened the mailbag. Too long if you ask me. We'll rectify that with this edition. Today we have three questions that put my mental mettle to the ultimate test. Tonight it's a plethora of portable questions from iOS gaming to the 3DS and the PSP NGP.

What do you think of iOS gaming? Do you think Nintendo's and Sony's handhelds are in trouble?

I'm one of the people who believe that iOS and more traditional handheld gaming can coexist. I mean, why can't they? When the Wii was released, idiots were saying core gaming was doomed and HD gaming couldn't compete. Wii would make them obsolete. This did not happen. Now the same Chicken Littles are worried that iOS gaming (iPhone/iPad gaming) will make Nintendo's and Sony's handhelds obsolete. I don't see this happening. I think it's a foolish proposition. Facebook gaming is free, yet video game sales on the traditional platforms are still booming. Suddenly, ninety-nine cent gaming is going to overtake more expensive means of gaming? I don't think so.

Are you planning on purchasing a 3DS?

Not immediately. It's not a question of the launch titles not being up to snuff. I have plenty of games I want at launch including Nintendogs + Cats, Pilotwings Resort, Ridge Racer 3D (I've never played a Ridge Racer game before), and Super Monkey Ball 3D to name four off the top of my head. It's more of a cost issue. There's too many current gen games I still want to obtain, and the 3DS is $250 plus the cost of new games. So don't expect any 3DS reviews any time soon here on SuperPhillip Central.

What are your thoughts on the PSP NGP?

Personally, I feel that Sony has learned nothing from the PSP. Software sales are laughable even if hardware sales are good. The PSP was console-quality gaming on a handheld. That's not what I want in a portable. If I wanted to play console-quality gaming, I'd play on a console. Odd concept, I know. The games shown on the PSP NGP are just portable versions of their console "hits". This strategy failed with the PSP, so why will it suddenly work with a more expensive handheld? I'm thinking it won't. Feel free to disagree with me though. Be respectful though in your comments, or they will be deleted.

Regardless of all that, I'm very intrigued by Sony's new handheld. I love the touch screen, trophies, horsepower, and you know I'll be there when Hot Shots Golf hits. Even the augmented reality shown impresses. Depending on the price, I'll be sure to own one when it comes out.


That's enough mail. Some of the mail were bills anyway. Not cool, Central City Cable. Not cool. Nonetheless, there goes that edition of the old SPC Mailbag. Hope you found it interesting as always.

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