Monday, May 2, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Speak With Your Heart Edition

It's a Monday, so it's time to bring out those lovely favorite VGMs of mine. We're going on an audio tour of video games both past and future. Today we have music from Sonic Colors, Monster Hunter Tri, and Paper Mario, to name just a few. Enough blathering from me-- let's get started!

v711. Sonic Colors - Speak With Your Heart

Oh, thank heaven for 711! Sonic Colors was an amazing game-- Sonic or not. With Sonic Generations officially announced, why not return to old green eyes? Speak With Your Heart is performed by Cash Cash, and it is one of the ending themes during the staff roll. Auto-tune aside, it's a pretty catchy song. I particularly enjoy the ending bit. "Don't fall apart. Speak with your heart, etc." Is Sonic finally out of the dreaded Sonic Cycle? Perhaps Sonic Colors was just the start the blue blur needed to get started. We'll find out later this year when Sonic Generations hits a PS3 or 360 near you.

v712. Phantasy Star Online - Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~The Whole New World~

We go from one SONIC TEAM game to another. Phantasy Star Online originally premiered on the ill-fated SEGA Dreamcast. It would later see a simultaneous release on Gamecube and Xbox, essentially two games in one-- Phantasy Star Online Episodes I and II. This is the opening theme, the Whole New World, which has two versions, one for each of the episodes. Phantasy Star Online was the first console MMORPG, and to this day it's still one of my favorites.

v713. Perfect Dark Zero - Combat Arena

Perfect Dark Zero introduced an Americanized Joanna Dark as well as a retconned story. Those bothers aside the game itself was quite fun. I had a blast playing the single-player which was extremely challenging on later difficulties. The multiplayer was also enjoyable with expansive maps, bots, and lots of opponents to shoot down. The soundtrack was excellent also as evident by this theme, Combat Arena. It borrows the Perfect Dark theme in it for a rocking sound.

v714. Monster Hunter Tri - Sand and Hot Wind - Barboros

Monster Hunter Tri was the Wii-exclusive entry in the wildly successful franchise. It's the best-selling home version in Capcom's series. The game itself is essentially a prolonged boss rush mode where you earn new drops to upgrade your weapons and armor. It's a great game to play online with friends, taking down a giant Barboros, for instance. Speaking of Barboros, this is his theme as you battle him in the dusty dunes of the desert landscape.

v715. Paper Mario - Toad Town Theme

The town of Toads in Paper Mario was the hub world, connecting most of the lands in the wonderful and innovative RPG known as Paper Mario. Who could forget taking down King Goomba or the Koopa Bros.? The flat 2D world of Paper Mario was charming, fun, and quite cute. Separate from the Mario & Luigi line of games, Paper Mario had our hero plumber join up with a goomba, koopa troopa, and many more in his adventure to once again rescue Princess Peach from the grip of the evil Bowser.

There go the favorite VGMs once more. Until next week when the VGMs will return, tomorrow we'll have the Review Round-Up for last month up. More is planned for the week, so stay tuned, faithful followers!

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