Monday, July 18, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Rhapsody in Blue Edition

Welcome back from another hiatus. Hey, I can do whatever I want-- it's my blog. I just stuck my tongue out at you, by the way. This week we're going all blue. Why? I've gone crazy! There's no reason at all! We have music from Xenogears, Kirby, and Pokemon, to name a few. I've rambled enough-- it's time for music!

v746. Xenogears - My Village is Number One - Orchestra Version -

- MYTH - was an arranged and orchestrated Xenogears album co-produced by series composer, Yasunori Mitsuda. There's a total of fourteen tracks in all from gentle piano themes to rousing orchestral tracks. All around, it really is a capable rearrangement of tracks that brings with it much nostalgia.

v747. Metroid: Zero Mission - Kraid

Kraid is more likely known as Brinstar Depths from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Kraid has appeared in several Metroid games, each time more challenging than the last. His Zero Mission form took place on one screen where he threw fingernail-like claws at Samus while Samus shot missiles into his opened mouth. Kraid was but half the equation, however. In order to reach Tourian where Mother Brain was housed, you had to take on and defeat Ridley, too.

v748. Sonic Rush - Wrapped in Black - Digital Remakin' Trax -

Wrapped in Black is the final boss theme of Sonic Rush where Sonic the Hedgehog and newcomer Blaze the Cat chart off to take down the nefarious Dr. Eggman's latest scheme. The battle takes place on both screens with one screen housing Sonic and the other holding Blaze. The song's funny if you don't know the title. It could sound like the vocalist is rapping "Wrapped in Butt". Oh, SuperPhillip, stay classy, my good sir.

v749. Kirby Squeak Squad - Squeak Battle (SSBB Remix)

Kirby Squeak Squad is what I consider the weakest of the games available for the Nintendo DS. Its level design was lacking, and the Squeak Squad itself just wasn't that imaginable. Regardless, an average Kirby game still beats out a lot of titles, and beat out a lot of titles Kirby Squeak Squad did. This is the Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix version as heard in the Wii game.

v750. Pokemon - Last Battle (VS. Rival)

After collecting all eight badges, passing through Victory Road, and defeating the Elite Four, your final challenge as a Pokemon trainer stands before you. It's the final battle against your rival to determine who will be Kanto's Pokemon master. The battle is six of your rival's Pokemon versus a selection of your own. He has all the bases covered, so you're in for a chaotic match. This tense theme is played on the Game Boy's small speakers as you duel.

We've reached another conclusion to the favorite VGMs. Will there be VGMs next week? Who knows? I'm full of surprises. Either or we'll catch you some time here on SuperPhillip Central.

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