Friday, October 28, 2011

Most Overlooked Xbox 360 Games - Part Three

We've reached the end of the work week, Friday, so let's end it with style with Most Overlooked Xbox 360 Games - Part Three! From Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 to Child of Eden, we have a set of games that are criminally overlooked by Xbox 360 owners. Let's try to remedy that, shall we?

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Gundams are go. With a plethora of Gundams to pilot through multiple battlefields full of enemies to hack, slash, and shoot, Dynasty Warrior Gundam 3 is a futuristic take on the Dynasty Warrior franchise. Newcomers include Deathscythe Hell, Knight Gundam, Double X, Tallgeese II, Unicorn, Physalis, Sinanju, and many, many more on top of the 30+ returning Gundam to control and unleash their power upon opponents. The all-new cel-shaded art style lends well to the universe and anime aesthetic, giving off a cartoon-like feel to the game. Those who don't mind repetition and short print runs should pilot themselves to a local video game retailer and nab a copy.


This Mature-rated action-RPG stars Nier as he struggles to find the cure for the Black Scrawl disease, an ailment that has struck his dying daughter. Through his journey he'll slay monsters and demons both big and small with unwavering resolve. NIER received middle of the road reviews which may have put off potential purchasers looking for an action-RPG on their HD system of choice. Not even the Square Enix name (which is slowly but surely losing traction in today's ever-changing game economy) could save this title from sluggish sales. Regardless, fans of RPGs that don't star effeminate young males and games that have rewarding gameplay would be amiss to not check out NIER.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Travis Touchdown made his debut on the HD consoles with little fanfare. The Xbox 360 version relied on analog controls instead of the more fulfilling motion controls found on the Wii and PlayStation 3 versions which might be a reason this version sold so poorly. Nonetheless, those who sat down and persevered through the sloppy framerate and graphical glitches could discover an intriguing tale about a sex-crazed otaku who joined the assassin game with only a beam katana won in an online auction. Slicing the heads off unassuming enemies remains an entertaining experience to this day, and it's a shame that more Xbox 360 owners overlooked this gem.

Shadows of the Damned

In Shadows of the Damned players met Garcia Hotspur, a demon hunter searching for his long, lost love in the demented depths of Hell. In order to slay the various demons that stand in the way of his goal, Garcia wields the power of light as well as Johnson, a former demon who can shift-shape into a myriad of useful weapons. On his quest he'll have to face vicious bosses, solve mind-bending puzzles, and venture into the blackest part of Hell if he wants to save his love. This Suda 51-directed, EA-published game failed to capture the attention of consumers even with its unique premise. Unfortunate as there's a lot to be impressed by this hellish romp.

Child of Eden

Exactly what are people buying on their Kinects? Apparently not much as most software sales aren't stellar, and games like Child of Eden are cast to the wayside. It's a shame as this gorgeous game where players are put right in the heart of combat to save Project Lumi is breathtaking. Created by the same man who was behind the PlayStation 2 cult-classic, Rez, Child of Eden is a remarkable journey that utilizes the controls of the Kinect Xbox 360 peripheral in some incredibly unique ways. Along with the Dance Central and Kinect Sports series, it's one of the few games that are worth owning a Kinect for. Unfortunately, a limited print run and poor marketing sent this game out to die.


That just about wraps up Part Three of the Most Overlooked Xbox 360 Games. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for further installments of your favorite SPC segments.

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