Friday, February 10, 2012

Help Support SuperPhillip Central

Within a few years SuperPhillip Central has grown from a hobbyist blog to something more. It has almost turned into a second job for me, and with that comes certain responsibilities. May I call your attention to the sidebar? There you will find a brand-new section called Amazon Links. You can peruse a series of upcoming and recent titles I have selected, and if you click on them, you will generate money for the site. I'm hoping to use the funds provided to continue to get new games to review for SPC and also maybe use a game for a contest on the site. (Let's face it-- the economy sucks.) Additionally, you can always support my work and show that you really care by donating money via Paypal. My Paypal is superphillip32[at]yahoo[dot]com. If you don't want a fee, send it as a Gift.

Your continued patronage is truly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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