Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SuperPhillip Central Has Reached a Milestone - 300,000 Views

I am happy to announce that SuperPhillip Central has now accumulated more than 300,000 views since May 2009 according to Blogger's running tally. Of course, many know that SPC has been around since June 5th, 2008, but for some reason Blogger does not have information on months prior to May of 2009. Regardless, I'm very proud that what started with few readers has now blossomed into a pretty popular blog filled with news, reviews, editorials, articles, and lists. Your continued readership is greatly appreciated, and as Frank Sinatra would sing "the best is yet to come."


Matt Sainsbury said...

Congrats man, you continue to do a great job with this blog. Looking forward to reading you to 300,000 more page views! :)

Parko said...

Congrats on 300,000! You've built yourself a nice little community here with quality content and affiliates,

Here's to another 300,000!

Reggie White Jr. said...

Congrats, SuperPhillip! You've definitely earned it. Your blog is awesome.