Thursday, March 1, 2012

Central City Census - March

February is the shortest month of the year, and even so SuperPhillip Central managed to rake in the most traffic of any month ever since its inception in June of 2008. Thank you to my faithful readers, new readers, and passersby. It is always and immensely appreciated! That said, let us look at February's poll results and analyze them briefly:

Do you plan on purchasing a PlayStation Vita?

I have one preordered already.
6 (10%)
Yes, I'll buy one at launch.
6 (10%)
Yes, but not right away.
12 (20%)
No, not anytime soon.
14 (23%)
No, and I have no interest at all.
22 (36%)

Votes so far: 60

The "nos" have it, do they not? The majority of votes (over 1/3) have opted to opt out of Sony's second portable offering. You guys might be missing a lot, but then again, you might be smart like the "Yes, but not right away" people who are probably waiting for a price drop. Six of you have one or had pre-ordered while another six were going to buy one at launch. Did you manage to do so? I personally have no vested interest in the Vita as of now even if some games appeal to me. The price is too high, and I'm enjoying my 3DS just fine. I don't have time to devote to another handheld, and sales show the market is happy with their Nintendo systems and/or smartphones/iPads. What is the question for March's census?

Something that is disturbing to me is the exclusion of backwards compatibility in consoles. The Wii got it right with 100% (or at least 99.9%) BC of GameCube games. The 360 has a paltry offering of Xbox games that can run on the system, and the PS3 inexplicably fully took away a feature from their console. Ridiculous. March's census asks how important backwards compatibility is for you when regarding the next gen consoles, especially with 360s breaking down, PS3s getting yellow lights of death, and Wiis having their disc readers stop functioning.

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