Monday, April 23, 2012

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Dog Day Afternoon Edition

This edition of the VGMs has gone to the dogs. Well, at least one volume of the VGMs will be dedicated to Nintendo's mega hit Nintendogs. Other games we'll be sampling music from include Paper Mario, Pokemon Stadium, and Pilotwings Resort.

v91. Nintendogs (DS) - Walking the Dog

I greatly prefer the original Nintendogs on Nintendo DS to the 3DS installment. Not even the addition of cats could sway my opinion of the game. The DS entry has more to do, and nothing was better than choosing a path to walk your dog through the local neighborhood. Perhaps along the way your pooch would find a pleasant present to pick up. What is inside this time? Something special? Something cool? Something worthless? Whatever it is, I would give my doggy a good rub down for his or her work.

v92. Paper Mario (N64) - Over Shiver Mountain

Shiver Mountain was a hazardous and cold place in the Nintendo 64's Paper Mario that took you to a palace made of crystal where the final star spirit rested. The original title of Paper Mario was Super Mario RPG 2. It got a name change during development, and thus a new game was born. The original Super Mario RPG was Squaresoft's last game before cutting ties to Nintendo for nearly a decade. This meant a new developer needed to work on the game, and that developer was none other than Intelligent Systems, a terrific studio in its own right.

v93. We Love Golf! (Wii) - Camelot Links Golf Course

From the endlessly entertaining golf game published by Capcom and developed by Camelot, We Love Golf! was my favorite foray into the pastime this generation. No need to hire a caddy or carry all of those clubs by your lonesome as all you need in We Love Golf! is a Wii remote. Your trusty helper will tell you all you need to know to sink putts, score birdies, eagles, albatrosses, and hole-in-ones, and drive balls with the best of them. Like every Camelot game, Motoi Sakuraba is the composer behind the music.

v94. Pokemon Stadium (N64) - Rival Battle

After triumphing over the various gym leaders and their numerous apprentices, you face off against the Elite Four. But after they have faced defeat you still aren't finished. Your rival stands between you and ultimate victory. Gym Leader Castle is but one of the many modes available in Pokemon Stadium, a game that utilized the Transfer Pak peripheral, allowing players to hook up their copies of Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow and send their raised and trained Pokemon into the game in glorious 3D. It was something special back then.

v95. Pilotwings Resort (3DS) - Airplane

There is nothing more relaxing and simultaneously frustrating as trying to get a high score in Pilotwings Resort. On one hand you have peaceful music like this theme for the plane, but then you have an intense gaze on your face as you attempt to collect yourself and earn those gold stars. Pilotwings Resort was light on content, but I still recommended it when I gave my review. People who are passionate about perfection will have a lot to do in this game. Just don't get too frustrated, of course!


That wraps up this dog gone edition of the VGMs. Next week we will be celebrating the 100th VGM, so please look forward to that as I deal with the garbage that is the new Blogger. See you later this week!

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