Thursday, July 5, 2012

Virtual Console Wishes: Titles I Want to See (GB/GBC), Part Two

Last Thursday I posted the first of hopefully many articles listing Virtual Console games I would like to see on Nintendo platforms like the Wii, upcoming Wii U, and 3DS. Since there are so many Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles to look into, I just had to make a second list of eight other games I'd love to be able to play on my 3DS. Let's see if you guys agree with any of them.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (GBC)

There are just so many times you can play the original Super Mario Bros. Yes, it's a classic, but when the game is released and re-released on every imaginable Nintendo handheld and Virtual Console service, things can become taxing. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is the ultimate Super Mario Bros. experience. It takes two games: Super Mario Bros. and after the former is beaten, Super Mario Bros. for Super Players (aka Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, aka Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) is unlocked. That's 64 unique levels to play through. Add in red coin hunts and Boo races, and you have the meatiest and best version of Super Mario Bros. available.

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (GBC)

The sequel of the original trio of Pokemon games throws in a hundred or so new Pokemon, a new land to explore, new gym leaders, new trainers, color, and new features into the fray. While I've played Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, I have never played the originals they were based off of. Shame on me. I don't even remember why I skipped this generation. But like I said in last week's Virtual Console Wishes with Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, there's the little caveat about trading Pokemon between games. Nintendo isn't known for going all out on their Virtual Console service with bonus features, so I don't know if the trading function would be worked up by the company for the Virtual Console release-- if it ever were to come.

Final Fantasy Legend trilogy (GB)

The Final Fantasy Legend series on the Game Boy is sort of a misnomer. It really isn't a Final Fantasy trilogy of Game Boy titles at all. In fact, it is branded in Japan under the SaGa series. It was just renamed in the West to better market the franchise. The first Final Fantasy Legend game was not only the first RPG on the Game Boy, but it was also then named Squaresoft's first million seller ever. The trilogy of Final Fantasy Legend games are true classics on the platform, and I think the GB originals should have a chance to shine on Nintendo's 3DS Virtual Console service.

Mega Man V (GB)

Mega Man V is quite unlike the five classic Mega Man-themed titles on the Game Boy. Instead of recycling Robot Masters from the NES games, Mega Man V sports all-new planet-themed robots such as Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. Like Mega Man IV before it, players could earn currency to purchase items from Dr. Light's laboratory to help them out. Mega Man V is considered quite rare outside of Japan, so a Virtual Console release would definitely help people like me who don't want to emulate the game illegally and wish to play the game. And just a note: This pics shown above are from the Super Game Boy.

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble (GBC)

Another game I haven't yet played, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble continues Nintendo's tradition of making experimental Kirby titles with varying gameplay in each. Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble used accelerometers in the game's cartridge for players to tilt the Game Boy Color in numerous directions to send Kirby rolling through maze-like environments and stages. This would be perfect for the 3DS as the system itself has accelerometers built inside of it. Hidden in each stage is a secret star for players to collect. Only through collecting all of them can the game's secret ending be viewed. A 2001 release, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble came out when I wasn't into the Kirby franchise (being younger and on limited income certainly didn't help matters), so I'd love a true chance to play the game on a 3DS. Otherwise I'll just have to track down a physical copy.

Pokemon Pinball (GBC)

There is no shortage of pinball games available on the eShop, but how many can say that they star cute and cuddly Pocket Monsters? None of them. I answered that for you. Pokemon Pinball features two boards: red and blue, with different objects to score mad points on for each. The part of the game that separates it from other pinball titles is the fact that you can collect all 151 Pokemon through the process of catching or evolving them. The two minute window for each makes things tense, and I remember the physics not quite being perfect. Regardless, Pokemon Pinball took a pretty large chunk out of my time when I played it on the old Super Game Boy. I would love to return to it on the 3DS.

Mario Golf (GBC)

A tremendous adaptation of one of my favorite golf games period, the Nintendo 64 Mario Golf, the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf set itself apart from its big brother by having a story mode with RPG elements. As you progress through the game and complete rounds and mini-games, your custom golfer earns experience to boost his or her stats. Outside of the story are tournaments to reach the top of the rankings on, match play rounds to unlock new characters with, and other exciting aspects of this portable golf game. Many hours of your life will be spent enjoying one of the greatest handheld golf titles in history.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue (GB)

Players begin this third and final TMNT on Game Boy game as Michelangelo. His objective to free his shell-napped brothers from the clutches of the sinister Shredder. This 2D platformer requires players to switch between turtles to pass various obstacles as each turtle has his own unique ability. Michelangelo can hover over gaps by using his nunchuks as a helicopter, Leonardo can drill through floors, Donatello can scale walls like a true ninja, and Raphael can enter inside his shell and move through otherwise too narrow spaces. The numerous rooms offer exciting challenges. Speaking of challenge, I remember this game being pretty difficult in later areas. Of the three TMNT Game Boy games, Radical Rescue is the one I'd pick as the best.


That wraps up my picks for Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles I'm interested in Nintendo putting on their 3DS Virtual Console service. Again, if you missed the first part of this article, check it out here. And check out all my special articles and segments in the SPC Feature Catalog right here. There's literally over a hundred unique articles right at the click of your mouse!

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