Saturday, September 1, 2012

Central City Census - September 2012

You know, sometimes when I am typing and I don't get a comment, I feel like I am talking to an empty chair in front of a huge audience. I don't know anyone who has done that recently, but it sounds immensely familiar. That's where the Central City Census comes in. I know I am getting an audience through the various votes each poll gets. I thank everyone for their participation each and every month. Let's look at August's results.

Where do you normally buy your games?

At an electronics retailer (e.g. Best Buy)
  16 (16%)
At a department store (e.g. Walmart)
  8 (8%)
At a video game retailer (e.g. GameStop)
  32 (33%)
Online (e.g. Amazon)
  36 (37%)
  4 (4%)

Votes so far: 96 

August's Central City Census asked the really tough question: where do you normally buy your games. The majority of votes were split between online retailers and video game retailers like GameStop. I honestly get my games through Best Buy, and then I occasionally order them from Amazon when I have the money. We couldn't quite hit 100 votes this month, but that doesn't bother me whatsoever. I appreciate any and all votes. Now it's time to check out September's census question.

This generation hasn't been the best for console longevity. I'm not talking about relevancy or getting support 6+ years into the generation. No, I'm referring to how long a console physically stays alive. Between the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death and the PlayStation 3's Yellow Light of Death (gamers really need to be more creative with their names, no?), consoles were dropping like flies. Even my Nintendo Wii died, it didn't turn on anymore and needed to be repaired/replaced -- a first for a Nintendo console of mine. September's Central City Census asks how many consoles have died on you this generation. The poll closes October 1st.

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