Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Central City Census - November 2012

Today is a most important day. It's not just for America, but for America's youth. Yes, I think we all know what I'm talking about. It is the launch of Halo 4. Oh, and there's some kind of election going on as well. 

Speaking of polls, you might have noticed the Central City Census from October was missing. Unfortunately, Blogger's polls are completely FUBAR at the present moment. The personnel haven't even acknowledged that polls are a problem, so that can never be a good sign. Instead, I have moved onto Polldaddy for the Central City Census. Regardless, the results from last month were continually wiped clean, and I simply got rid of Blogger's poll gadget. Thus, there are no results to share from last month's "Will you buy a Wii U" question. Rather than dwell on the past, let us look to the present and guess about the future with November's census.

The Wii U will be entering stores very soon, and it will hit store shelves at least in North America on November 18th. I've asked if you were going to buy the system, but this month's question asks you how many units you think will be sold. To help put things in perspective, I put where the current gen consoles have sold this generation. This Central City Census, if all goes accordingly and Polldaddy doesn't screw up like Blogger, will end on November 30th's conclusion.

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