Thursday, November 8, 2012

Top Five Forgotten Capcom Franchises

The fighting game world collectively jumped for joy (but they were too self-conscious and proud to do it in front of their buds) when a new Darkstalkers was announced for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for next year (let me clarify that this is a new collection). That got me to thinking that this news is fine and all, but what about those other franchises that don't get enough time under the sun? At least you'll find here at SuperPhillip Central that they will get time in the spotlight tonight. These are series that have not had a serious entry in quite a while. Will your lost loves be mentioned? Only one way to find out, and that's to read on!

5) Power Stone

Ah, yes. Capcom is already feverishly excited about pushing new fighting games onto the market, so why not one that isn't just 2D, x-axis based? How about one that takes place in three-dimensional arenas? That's where Power Stone comes in. Pulverize your opponent with fists of fury, special attacks, and even the ability to grab objects like chairs and tables (what is this, an old-school ECW match?) to beat them senseless. The Power Stone in... well, Power Stone comes from the option of grabbing three gems that will turn your fighter into a force to be reckoned with for a limited amount of time. Power Stone and Power Stone 2 were Dreamcast classics, and both would be ported to the PSP in the form of Power Stone Collection. Where's the third game to make this rough and rowdy arena fighting game series a trilogy, Capcom?

4) Viewtiful Joe

What do you get when you take a cinema-holic and suck him inside the world of movies? Well, you basically get a movie-lover in the world of movies. But when he is tasked with rescuing his girlfriend Sylvia and receives the fabled V Watch, you get Viewtiful Joe! The hero is armed with super-fast moves in his arsenal: red hot kicks, red hot one-hundreds, and the ability to slow down time, speed it up, and zoom in to dish out serious damage to foes. These maneuvers not only assisted Joe in battle, but they helped solve puzzles, too. While only two mainline games in the series were made (both for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube), they left a lasting impression on this player. If somehow Capcom can find it in their cold hearts (and while they're at it, find some cool creativity) to make a brand-new Viewtiful Joe, I will just gush like a gummy bear when its been bit down on.

3) Onimusha

A franchise which is essentially an action-adventure take on Japanese history with a mix of the supernatural, Onimusha combines swift skill-based swordplay with occasional puzzle elements. The original game in the series had directional pad for movement, but subsequent sequels introduced not only analog movement, but fiercer foes, higher stakes, and more intense action. Onimusha is a series that has had an extended hiatus on consoles. As if the company were pulling down its pants and shaking its butt at its fans, Capcom hinted at a new entry in the series -- at long last! Turns out it was just a browser game. Right to the gut, Capcom! Onimusha would scratch the itch of a hard-as-nails action game that Ninja Gaiden 3 just couldn't relieve. A hole is in the marketplace, and the Onimusha series is one franchise that could fill it indubitably.

2) Breath of Fire

I hold huge nostalgia for old school Super Nintendo and 16-bit RPGs, but few grant me the most nostalgia than Breath of Fire. It was one of the first RPGs I ever played. It was a collaboration between Capcom and the artist formerly known as Squaresoft. The story was relatively simple, but there were so many memorable moments to be had. The world was vast and varied, dungeons were fun to explore, the characters were endearing, the battle system was easy to learn, and the music was absolutely lovely. Four more entries in the franchise would be released, from the Super Nintendo to the PlayStation 2. The last release, Dragon Quarter, was an atypical RPG that tried something new for the genre and was successful in most regards. I wish this franchise would return. I think the portable devices (3DS, Vita, iOS) would be perfect for a return to the world of dragons, demons, and heroes named Ryu.

1) Mega Man

Rockman X Over is coming, but let's be real here -- virtually no one is anticipating or even wanting it. It's the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary for Wily's sake! How can Capcom treat the reploid that shot them to the top like this? I would accept anything that had the ounce of thought put into it. Heck, I'd even take a sequel to Mega Man Star Force! Yes, I'm that desperate. The fall of Mega Man started with the cancellation of Mega Man Universe, a downloadable title that was plagued with development problems. Then came the out-of-nowhere nixing of Mega Man Legends 3, a title that had been desired by fans for over a decade. Poor Mega Man Volnutt is still stuck on that moon! Fans like me can only hold out hope for so long before the reality sets in. Capcom's current state just doesn't want Mega Man. They'll take Resident of Duty 6, but not the being that jettisoned them as a household name to gamers. So sad. ...I think I need some time alone, you guys.


...But before I go to my man cave to start crying, what forgotten Capcom franchises would you like to see brought back from hiatus? I can only find solace in thinking that maybe I'll get lucky like with my Localizations, Please articles and game choices and now these titles will come into fruition! ...Sigh.

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