Monday, January 21, 2013

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Mr. 300 Edition

We started SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs just over a year ago, and now we have 300 different video game songs represented. We're celebrating 300 VGMs with today's edition (if the edition name didn't make that obvious enough). We'll have music from Valkyria Chronicles, We Love Katamari, and Metroid: Other M. If you're ready, then let's begin.

v296. Kameo: Elements of Power (360) - Hero's Theme

Here is a chorus-filled orchestral bombshell of a theme. While it's not my favorite launch title for the Xbox 360, or even my favorite Rare-developed launch title for the Xbox 360, Kameo: Elements of Power possessed plenty of fun in a genre that hasn't been represented much on the system.

v297. Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) - A Love Passed On

A fresh tactical RPG on the PlayStation 3, Valkyria Chronicles was published by Sega and has a stellar soundtrack. Why wouldn't it be stellar when you have Hitoshi Sakimoto of Final Fantasy Tactics fame on board for the music? A Love Passed On plays during a pivotal and forlorn moment in Valkyria Chronicles. Read the comments of the YouTube video at your own risk.

v298. We Love Katamari (PS2) - Everlasting Love

The Katamari series is always full of an eclectic mix of music, and the PlayStation 2's We Love Katamari, the direct sequel to the sleeper hit Katamari Damacy, continues that trend. Everlasting Love is a peppy rock tune with female vocals. It's a nice song to roll up innocent cows and civilians to.

v299. Metroid: Other M (Wii) - Ridley Theme

My opinion of Metroid: Other M is that it is an enjoyable game. Whether the reactions of Samus Aran's character being ruined are overreactions is something for another day, though gamers and overreactions seem to be synonymous with one another. Ridley's theme has been in many Metroid games in the past, and it really shines in Other M. Its tense chords and strings make for an intense fight.

v300. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) - Love's Theme

We celebrate 300 VGMs with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. What better time when we have the release date of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance approaching soon? With Love's Theme we have the vocalizations that tear at your heart and the sultry strings producing a Middle Eastern flair.


Next week we begin our climb to 400 VGMs. Before that, however, we'll have at least one new review right here on SuperPhillip Central this week. Until then, check out the VGM Database for every VGM ever posted.

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