Monday, March 4, 2013

SPC's Favorite VGMs - March Madness Edition

The first week of March brings with it five new video game tracks for your ears to enjoy. If you're new to this, all we do here is post five video game themes that we (my brother, my friends, and I who post stories on SuperPhillip Central) like most. Well, your old friend SuperPhillip here does the brunt of the work, writing all the anecdotes tied to each game, but you won't see me get credit for that. Anyhow, on this week's edition of the VGMs we have music from Bomberman Hero, GoldenEye 007, and Perfect Dark. Let's get to groovin'!

v326. Bomberman Hero (N64) - Redial

We start off with what I consider to be the black sheep of the three Bomberman games released on the Nintendo 64. It was the one quite unlike the other two, which were related. That doesn't make this one, Bomberman Hero bad. The music, also unlike the other two, is very hit-or-miss. Redial is my favorite theme from the game. Quite catchy, no?

v327. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (PS2, GCN) - Wild Soul

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 brought with it a story mode that took place on a board game. It was an interesting take to the story mode, but I still prefer the world map of later games. Regardless of which Budokai game is your favorite, no doubt you, too, love the music of the series like I do. It's really well done as Wild Soul shows.

v328. GoldenEye 007 (N64) - Dam

GoldenEye 007 is seen-- and rightfully so-- as one of the most important console games of all time. It made console first-person shooters popular, and it did so in style. Shaken, stirred, rough 'n tough, and oh-so good.  I did not play the game when it originally came out. Actually, I just played it recently, and it not only held up better than I thought it would, but it was pretty darn difficult!

v329. Perfect Dark (N64) - Air Base Espionage

Now this is the game that I prefer to GoldenEye, frame-rate issues be damned! Perfect Dark not only had a more appealing and cinematic single-player experience, but the multi-player was filled with awesome moments. Oh, and a little thing that more shooters need-- bots! The music is also superior to James Bond's offering. That said, GoldenEye and Perfect Dark were a one-two punch that made the N64 a great multi-player system.

v330. Go Vacation (Wii) - BGM 2

Go Vacation was actually nominated for the Best Original Soundtrack award at the SPC Best of 2011 Awards. I only wish the North American opening and main themes were available to listen to, as they are absolutely positively toe-tapping good. Alas, you can listen to these themes a Japanese YouTube user uploaded. It's really awesome, just like the game it comes from!


Hey, you! Yeah! YOU! Why not scope out all SPC's favorite VGMs through our VGMs Database. It's there for you to browse and carouse 24/7, without any need to wait for Mondays. Until next Monday, we'll see you later!

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