Saturday, June 15, 2013

Animal Crossing Journal: New Leaf Edition

This past Sunday, Animal Crossing: New Leaf finally reached North American shores, and Nintendo 3DS owners couldn't be happier. Much like Phil did with Animal Crossing: City Folk, he is going to be writing a weekly journal talking about his adventures in the town of Central. If you're ready, Phil's ready.

On June 9th, 2013, I became the mayor of the town of Central. A gathering of animal locals surrounded the ceremony, cheering me on as I took up my new mayoral duties. My first act as mayor was planting a tree in Central Plaza. The animals that congregated around me seemed to enjoy themselves. I was taking over the duties of a longtime mayor who I've heard retired to a tropical island, so I had a hefty job ahead of me.

I was able to designate a space for my house for Tom Nook to build, but it turns out all I started out with was a tent. After the 10,000 Bell total was paid, I finally got something that looked like a house to live in instead of something to camp in.

This is how my house currently looks like on the inside. Sahara came by and fixed me up with a new wallpaper and flooring. I like this oriental look like going for, don't you?

As mayor, I have taken care of three public works projects thus far: a second bridge to cross Central's river in the western part of town, a fountain in front of town hall, and a bench overlooking where the river falls into the ocean. My next goal is to create a third bridge, in between the two current bridges, so that the peninsula between the two bridges has a way to cross to the other side of the river. I also wish to have some street lamps in Central and even some bushes to make the town even more spectacular to visitors.

In addition to the official public works projects, I decided to create a system of sidewalks and paths in Central. At first the pattern I used wasn't very detailed (as might see in the photos below), but I added more specks to the sidewalk to give it a textured appearance. After getting an axe today, I managed to cut down trees that got in the way of the paths I wanted to create. We at Central are very pleased with how they turned out.

We also have a welcome sign for those who visit Central.

It was here...
Now, it's here.
In addition to that, in Main Street, Central now has a gardening shop. It took a day for it to be constructed (unlike construction on I-64...), and the proprietor of the shop, Leif, assists in selling flower seeds and tree seeds to spruce up Central.

I even have the backing of the denizens of Central.

Of course, every mayor needs to have some "me time." That's exactly what I did. I opened the city gates to outsides, and what do you know, some came in to party Central-style! From unwinding after a long hard day with some fishing to exploring the beach and island together, there's plenty of things to do in order to relax at Central.

Finally, after all the fish I have caught, I now have a badge to prove that I have caught over 50% of the fish and sea life varieties. Not pictured here, but I have also nabbed 50% of the insect life in Central.

So as my first week as mayor, Central has already turned into bustling village, more so than it was when I first arrived in town. I still have plenty of tasks ahead of me, such as expanding my own home and the museum, adding a third bridge to town, construction some streetlamps, and making sure I keep Central a thriving community. If you ever wish to visit Central, make sure you post your 3DS friend code here, along with your 3DS name. Until next week, this has been Phil's Animal Crossing Journal.

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