Sunday, July 7, 2013

Animal Crossing Journal - New Look, New Central Edition

Phil is back with a new installment of the Animal Crossing Journal. It's been a month now since I've had my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so I would like to take this edition of the Animal Crossing Journal to show off my family's town of Central with my new and improved look in the game.

I decided to dress like I was in high school-- varsity jacket, cargo pants, and gelled in the front hair. Since Shampoodle opened, I got this new haircut. (Of course, I had to reset a couple of times because that crazy poodle gave me orange hair the first two tries!) The jacket design is not mine. It was found on another site with the QR codes for it. The cargo pants were purchased at the Able Sisters.

Thanks, Apple! You were
always my favorite.
Central has grown by a lot since it was just a town with a handful of citizens, a sparse amount of flowers and trees, and few things to distinguish it from the crowd and other villages. Now, Central has paved paths (sidewalks), multiple fixings through public works projects (we're currently working on a cafe), and it's overrun with gorgeous greenery, flowers, trees (with every kind of fruit imaginable) and bushes. Here's a tour!

Phil Manor
This is what greets guests.
The main road at the top of town...
...leads to Central's hi-tech video screen!
To the left of that is our town's lamppost.
And to that is this idyllic setting,
overlooking the river flowing
into the ocean.
Central's central bridge leads here.
Which has a path that leads off to Re-Tail.
South of that is this work of art.
Meanwhile, Biskit is fixated on me
and my prep look. ...Creep.
Central is working on a cafe right now,
but this is the most recent public works
addition to the town, a log bench!
Being the mayor is tough work.
Time for a sit down!
At the southeast portion of town is
the town hall, fountain and park clock.
Our yellow hibiscus bushes look great!
 Rosie, one of my favorite villagers, offered to come by Phil Manor for a quick visit. As I love making friends jealous, I, of course, invited her over.

Welcome, Rosie!
No, the fun room is the bedroom.
Yeah, because this room is SO boring and all...
Rosie isn't even looking. I don't
think she'd be interested anyway...
Thanks for keeping a lonely prep company!
 And, as a bonus for this edition of the Animal Crossing Journal, two extra shots!

This is a freaking STEAL!
If I had a nickel for every time I said that...

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