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Let's Play "GameFAQs or NeoGAF?"

It's the weekend, so how about a really weird article?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world's fastest-growing quiz show, GameFAQs or NeoGAF? Pat Sajak was tied up with Wheel of Fortune, so we're here in his place to host. The rules are quite simple. We will post a quote or series of quotes, and you guess if it is from a GameFAQs poster or a NeoGAF poster. It's trickier than you think! We'll put in the posts first and some background info, you guess which forum said what. Answers will be at the end, so keep track of what your answers! If you're ready, pick up your signaling devices and let's play!

1) In a topic about Michael Pachter giving his rhetorical question of "Why Would Anyone Buy a Wii U?", the first post was this:

"To play the 100th Mario Rehash of course!"

2) Speaking of Mr. Pachter, a poster comes to his defense:

"People are so much defensive of the Wii U and you just can't accept a single criticism about it. He speaks the truth when he says it's like the DS, I do think the console was overpriced too or should I say not value for money. He just speaks my language, really I would let him borrow my wife for one night."

3) Regarding the topic of Nintendo being behind on HD development:

Person A: He's reiterating what was said before. Why is everyone here acting like it's something new? Yeah, it's a new interview but it's not new info. Or is this "Kneejerk reaction: OT"? Regardless of how late they are we've pretty much seen all their 1st gen software and it's coming out in the next half year/year so I think this lot is the "hump" that they were getting over.

Person B: Its another chance to bash Nintendo so people will jump on it. It made them delay their games by 6-8 months and from looking what they have shown of the upcoming games it looks like they have a decent grasp of HD now.

4) In a topic about a week of Vita sales outperforming Wii U sales:

 "Vita deserves success alot more than wiiu does"

5) Concerning the recently revealed Killer Instinct game for Xbox One:

"Looks like a 7.5 to me. Discounting reviewers who will will be paid off by Microsoft, of course."

6) "When I think of Nintendo I just assume the consoles are bought by soccer moms for young children or super nerdy guys.

I don't know a single person that owns a Wii U I knew a couple that got the original Wii and they played the thing for maybe a month before the novelty wore off."

7) "Yeah. The more system you love/own, the more games you will have access to.
With just my ds lite and 3ds alone, i have access to over 90 games that I own."

8) "the new tomb raider. it's everything wrong with this generation in one package."

9) Regarding the Wii U's lineup: 

Person A: So, how are these just "incremental" updates?

Person B: Oh boy, you went there. Ok.

Person A: NintendoLand (Everywhere) - Various ideas never included in any game before
Game & Wario (Everywhere) - Various ideas never included in any game beforeMinigame collections. 

Person B:Technically new franchises, but no-one buys a console for minigames barring the miracle that was wii sports.

Person A: Sing Party (America and Europe) - Karaoke...not really much to add to this.

Person B: So by definition it is like the other games. Not sure why you even mentioned it then?

Person A: Lego City: Undercover (America and Europe) - A massive openworld made of Lego that you can build up and destroy. Uses GamePad in exclusive ways

Person B: The one game that is actually new. Still doesn't revolutionise anything with regards to open world, being fairly plain in actual gameplay. The story however is hilarious and makes it worth playing.

Person A: Pikmin 3: Implements new features such as controlling three characters at the same time.

Person B [ed.: learn to type): Because there is now ay doing hte same changes that hte second game made (+1 to characters, +2 to pikmin types) could ever be seen as incremental.

Person A: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD - It's a remake, yet it adds loads of cool features including an online message system

Person B: Miiverse is included ion a hardware level, I still don't see why it's listed as a positive for wind waker, like people were expecting it to not be included or something? 

Person A: Wii Party U: New mini-games using various ideas never included in any game before 

Person B: Dear lord, it's essentially mario party... 15? I don't even know what we're at now. This is literally the safest any game could ever be.

Person A: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: not too familiar with many of the mechanics here, but it's not that "roster update"-ish

Person B: So what you're saying is "I don't know anything about this game, and despite the fact it's looks, smells and sounds like a level pack, it's not a level pack".
yeah, sure, ok. Oh, I guess it has new camera angles for noninteractive parts? wowee.

Person A: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: New mini-games based on the winter Olympics, plays different.

Person B: Right. Plays different. I can believe that. Or I could if the first... 3? Weren't the very definition of lazy games, with half of the first "winter olympics" game having the exact same, or very similar jestures for the different games, making a bunch of them different skins for the same minigame.

Person A: Super Mario 3D World: Four player co-op. Various new power-ups that change how you play a 3D Mario...unless you could climb up the side of walls before.

Person B: By god, a mario game where you can walk on walls? INNOVATION. Oh, wait.

But hey, you're right, at least sonic lost worlds looks good.

10) Person A: Nintendo have 9 first party published titles coming out between now and the end of the year. There are also several already out somewhere in the world

Already Out:
New Super Mario Bros U (Everywhere)
NintendoLand (Everywhere)
Game & Wario (Everywhere)
Sing Party (America and Europe)
Lego City: Undercover (America and Europe)
Pokémon Rumble U (Japan)

Coming by end of 2013
New Super Luigi U (Retail)
Pikmin 3
Wonderful 101
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Wii Party U
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Super Mario 3D World
Wii Fit U
Sonic Lost World (published by Nintendo in Europe)

Other than the two Sonic games, Nintendo has either financed them, or developed them inhouse. They have even said there is more to come by 2014, too

Let's come back in a year and compare Microsoft and Sony's first party offerings in the first year of their consoles.

Person B: Good lord, that list is just brutal. I cringed irl...


1) Speaking of rehashes, that is a rehashed argument, and if you said "GameFAQs", you are right. Link.

2) This one could have went either way, but "GameFAQs" was the correct choice again.

3) This persecution complex was brought to you by NeoGAF. It's not like WE ever wrote something like that on this very site. ...Oops!

4) Which team are YOU on-- Team Vita or Team Wii U? Well, maybe you're an adult and you don't play system wars. If so, you are not this NeoGAF poster.

5) We had to throw in an easy one. This was pure GameFAQs.

6) We would really like to thank NeoGAF's Worst Posts' Twitter account for this one. If you haven't guessed, it's from NeoGAF.

7) A completely respectable post in a topic doomed for failure. No, it was not NeoGAF (there are respectable posts there indeed)-- it was GameFAQs where this post can be found.

8) Hyperbole is common on internet gaming forums, but which internet gaming forum delivered this gem? If your response was "NeoGAF", then you deserve a prize! It doesn't help that the topic was about one game that represented everything wrong with gaming.

9) Besides Person B coming off as a total dick, you may have noticed yet another list wars argument, popular on GameFAQs. You guessed incorrectly, however, if you chose GameFAQs. This was a NeoGAF post, an incredibly obnoxious exchange between two posters.

10) A person cringed in real life! That poster must be really invested emotionally in his hobby if he literally cringed over that lineup! Or maybe he/she dislikes color! That HAS to be GameFAQs, right? Those kinds of odd posts don't happen elsewhere. Wrong. It's NeoGAF. That was a tough one, as we had to verify what site we were on when we read that. We cringed in real life at how pathetic that post was. You cringe at car accidents. Not freaking game lineups... and ones that aren't too shabby either.


In all seriousness, you might be wondering what the point of this exercise was. We'll happily tell you. NeoGAF is deemed as the most mature gaming forum in the industry, yet it constantly has posts and posters who could easily be confused for GameFAQs. Many times, they are even worse because they have this feeling of superiority over everyone else-- and unjustifiably so. 

That's not even the main point of this article: to say that a good section of NeoGAF is immature. No, the point is that if NeoGAF is the best our industry has to offer in gaming discussion, is it any wonder why our hobby is still considered to be for children: either real children or people with the maturity of or act like children. We see articles like EDGE's talking about how the site is shaping the industry. Well, it's sometimes for good, but it's also sometimes for bad. Really bad.

If we want to be taken seriously as an industry, we need to cut the crap and get ourselves better than simple system wars. Many are defending faceless companies and insulting people while they do it. To say it was easy to find these posts (it took ten minutes, but loads more to organize them all into a desirable format) would be an understatement. It just depresses us as people who want our industry to not be seen as the immature redheaded stepchild it currently presents itself as to see what goes on on gaming forums like GameFAQs, Gamespot, IGN, N4G, and NeoGAF.

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