Monday, November 11, 2013

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGM - NiGHTS into VGM Edition

After completing the process of placing a few commercials on SuperPhillip Central, it's now time for us to take our attention and set it on our weekly segment, SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGM. Last week we celebrated the 500th VGM, so now we're on our way to our 600th with five new faves. This week's music comes from a variety of games, NiGHTS into Dreams, Mario Kart Wii, and Golden Sun. If you'd like to spend some of your evening looking and listening at past VGMs represented, look no further than this link.

v501. NiGHTS into Dreams (SAT) - NiGHTS

A sweeping and majestic theme for a majestic character, NiGHTS's main theme is full of whimsy. NiGHTS into Dream was one of the top exclusives on the SEGA's Saturn. The character would return in a game on the Wii, but most NiGHTS fans would rather not remember that one...

v502. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - Moo Moo Meadows

Speaking of the Wii, one of the best selling titles of this past generation was Mario Kart Wii. The game itself was a more beginner-friendly title than past efforts, so it wasn't uncommon to see three blue shells in one race. Still, the track design was superb, and so was the soundtrack, as evidenced by this track, Moo Moo Meadows (aka Moo Moo Country).

v503. Wild ARMs: Alter Code F (PS2) - Curan Abbey

Wild ARMs: Alter Code F was a remake of the very first Wild ARMs, a game that decidedly hasn't aged all too well. This remake, however, has, and while the soundtrack of the original is still great, a remastered soundtrack with all-new tunes was created by the original composer.

v504. Golden Sun (GBA) - Bustling City Tolbi

Motoi Sakuraba is one of our favorite VGM composers, and his influence has elevated games that were great into fantastic titles. Golden Sun is our pick for the best original RPG on the Game Boy Advance. Its use of utilizing Psynergy (magic) outside of battle to solve puzzles was brilliant, as was the world, visuals, battle system, and plot.

v505. Ys I & II Chronicles (PSP, PC) - Palace of Destruction

Yuzo Koshiro (ActRaiser) was the original composer of this track, and now it has been given a hard rock kick to it for the PSP and PC remake. The Ys series is probably has the best music from a series that most people don't know about. It being relegated to non-mainstream platforms is probably the reason why.

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