Thursday, January 23, 2014

Animal Crossing Journal - Mayor Phil's Return Edition

It's been quite a long time since I've written an entry in SuperPhillip Central's Animal Crossing Journal. I'm fixing that with an all-new 2014 entry! I took a bit of a hiatus with Animal Crossing: New Leaf-- playing 200 hours will help someone to do that-- but now I've returned to Central and its many citizens. In this journal entry I will be returning to Central, celebrating the coming of 2014 to Central, and performing other odds and ends. I plan on featuring the Animal Crossing Journal more in the coming weeks, so please look forward to new entries! It just shows how much there is to do in New Leaf that I'm still talking about it and finding new things!

I have my hat, so I'm ready
to countdown to the new year!
Lucha: "Your hat is bigger than mine... :["
Mayor Phil: "That's right. Know your place in this town."
We might be a little drunk right now.
Everyone do the Mayor Phil Shuffle!
Now shake those hips!
All of us looking into the firework-riddled sky.
Such a nice feeling of community!
Ooh, pretty!
Taking time out to ponder what's next
for Central in 2014...
However, before those fun festivities,
I had to return to my town!
Thanks to my Keep Central Beautiful
ordinance, all of the flowers survived!
Why build a snowman when you can just become one?
Yeah, my hair is a bit messy, Rocco.
Thanks for pointing that out.
...Stop staring at it!
Y-You butchered it!!!
Snow means it's time to shovel the walk.
A nice walk by town hall's fountain.
The flower clock keeps on ticking
even in this arctic weather!
There's something about sunset that just rocks.
Casa de Mayor Phil
This street heading north leads to the train station.
Hm? I wonder who has paid
Central a surprise visit...
Why, it's Jay! Heeeeeyy Jaaaaaaaaay!

Jay liked my methods of persuasion so
much that he became a permanent addition
to the bustling town of Central.
My version of a temple from a
Legend of Zelda game.
A room complete with hero Link! I actually
added to this basement room.
Psych! It's just a mannequin!
Bean's house is looking rather snowy and rosy
at the same time.
Are you shivering from my fortune-telling
or is it just the frigid air making you do that?
A recent public works project from last month.
Sometimes I cook food over the campfire
rather than use a microwave.
The furniture in this back room
gave Hazel a cold reception.
The top floor is just classic cool.
I may not play like Beethoven, but
Ava is sure enjoying my piano playing regardless.
Of course I can't refuse an offer
to visit someone else's home!
In a friend's town, Pompom gets
a little too close for comfort.
Must be the preppy attire.
Do we even have irrigation
and plumbing in this town?
This isn't Halloween, yet someone still
haunts Central with her presence.
Seriously, you moved out months ago!

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